How Long Does a Fully Charged Chromebook Last?

How long does a fully charged Chromebook last?

Any guesses?

Maybe a day?

This means you really need a reality check on Chromebook battery expectations vs. reality. Because battery issues are one of the main issues that fester the laptop users. Due to portability, laptops can be carried anywhere. However, when you take your laptop to work, and sometimes it shows the red light buzzing, your mood also turns like your battery: RED.

However, the battery life of Chromebook is inarguably better than other brands of laptops out there on the market.

But why?

Let’s learn it!

Chromebook long-Duration Life

Having Chromebook gives you long battery life. There are a variety of Chromebooks in the market. Each Chromebook has unique in its own way, but the battery timing of each of them is commendable. Chromebooks, especially, suit those always on the move for work. The long-time battery of the Chromebooks will prove a great addition to their workspace.

How to Choose Chromebook with a Long Battery Timing

Battey’s timing of the Chromebooks is phenomenal. But it is not the only thing everyone sees in a good laptop, good Chrome OS.

Good Chrome OS

Chrome OS is the OS or, in English, the brain of the Chromebooks. Plus, Chrome OS is considered one of the lightweight OS in laptops. The main reason for its immense lightweight is due to its foundation-up designs. Initially, Chromebook did not allow the programs to be installed onto the Chromebook. This was the prime reason that made the Chrome OS lightweight.

But How Much It Cost You?

Chromebooks recently experienced a surge in prices due to the work-from-home trend. Though Chromebook prices are generally budget-friendly, however, pandemics and the rise of remote learning contribute to an increase in Chromebook prices.

However, the uniqueness of the Chromebook is that it suits everyone’s budget. The typical low price of a Chromebook is pegged at $300. However, premium prices also existed, with prices going up to $1,500.

How Long Does a Fully Charged Chromebook Last: What is the portability of the Chromebook?

Most Chromebook is designed as ultra-slim and portable. However, some Chromebooks are chunky. Research on the Chromebooks to find which suits you. Typically, the average size of the Chromebook ranges from 11 to 13 inches. There are also convertible Chromebooks available in the Acer Spin Chromebook and the HP Chromebook. They are known as 2-in-1 Chromebook. Their prices also range from high to low.

fully charged chromebook
fully charged chromebook

How Well Chromebook Fared?

The running speed of the Chromebook is smooth. Powered by Chrome OS, it provides users with top-rated Google productivity apps. When compared with Windows, Chromebook is much better. But if you want to add other apps, you can easily download them from the Google Plays Store. Most applications on Chrome OS function via the Cloud; this translates to better performance and efficient speed. Though access to the Internet is required to access the cloud-stored files.

How Long Does a Fully Charged Chromebook Last: How Secure are Chromebooks?

For security geeks, Chromebook is just the thing for them. Its highly-protective Chrome OS block out the most dangerous malware. The compartmentalization of both the Chromebook app and web page into their own virtual ‘SANDBOX’ ruled out that any single page or app could infect it. Moreover, security updates are also installed automatically in Chrome OS. And most importantly, if physically your Chromebook is somehow damaged or something else, the files on the system remain intact because it stores online. Ultimately, the option of biometric authentication further secures the system, leaving you almost safe from any harmful external interference.

How Long Does a Fully Charged Chromebook last: How is a Chromebook Test?

Chromebook has been tested on several criteria, from performance to display quality, multitasking, etc. Geekbench 5.0 and Jetstream 2.0 are the benchmarks of the industry to judge laptops. This procedure helps the buyers make the right decision in buying the Chromebooks.

The battery testing is conducted via Laptop Mag Battery Test, which continuously surfs the web with constant brightness of 150 nits to the point the system runs out of battery. As far as testing the Chromebook’s processing power, Geekbench is mainly utilized for synthetic tests. A colorimeter was put up to do the work to test the Chromebook’s screen brightness and color gamut.


In this guide on how long a fully charged Chromebook lasts, we have lucidly spelled out the details to find the right product for your use.