Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas (A Complete Biography)

Have you ever heard a name of Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas? If not, then we have to cover it for you. So, in this blog, we will go through the complete biography of Harolyne. She is the only daughter of Dorothy Jean Dandridge and Harold Lloyd Nicholas. Dorothy was a well-known African dancer, singer, film and theatre actress. Her mother was the most prominent black actress who had a successful Hollywood career during that time and was the first black woman nominated for an Academy Award. And Harolyn’s father was a gamechanger and is famous as one of the best dancers.

Moreover, the parents of Harolyne were famous African-American entertainers in their industry. They inspired so many artists at that time, like Michael Jackson and Dellie Allen. Now let’s delve into the details of their early lives and much more.

Early Stages Of Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

Suzanne was the only daughter of Dorothy Dandridge and Harold Lioyd Nicholas, both famous in their fields. Harolyn was born on September 2, 1943, in Los Angeles, California (USA). So she has a mixed ethnicity and owns American nationality. Suzanne was born with brain damage and dealt with cerebral anoxia, which influenced her cognitive capabilities and features. So she cannot talk till she turns 4 years old, and her disease does not allow her to identify people, not even her parents.

Moreover, Dandridge blamed herself for Harolyn’s sickness as she decided to delay the birth. Nicholas left to play Golf at the delivery time, so she was not ready to give birth without her husband. That’s why Harolyn’s birth was delayed. So the delay caused several complications, including using Forceps during the operation and cutting off the oxygen supply to the part of her brain that had led to brain damage. Then, after some time, her mother could not afford her and decided to give her to a care institution. Harolyn’s entire life becomes a great hindrance to mental disability.

About the Family of Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas bio
Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas bio

Dorothy Jean, the mother of Harley, was the most well-known Hollywood actress of that era. She was the first African American woman nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film “Carmen Josen” in 1954. Furthermore, she also became the first African woman on the cover of Life magazine.

If we talk about her father, Harold Lloyd Nicholas (1921–2000), he was famous worldwide for being the best dancer and being a member of the world’s most excellent tap dancing pair, known as the Nicholas Brothers, and his own brother.

Furthermore, Ruby Dandridge, Holly’s grandmother, also said that she had her time in the business show. She was a singer and created a dance act called “The Wonder Children.” The act was done primarily for Dorothy and her sisters.

Moreover, Dorothy was married and divorced twice in her entire life. First, she married Nicholas in 1941, and after two years of marriage, they had a baby girl. For some reason, Nicholas left his family in 1948. They got divorced in 1951. One of the reasons for the divorce may be the daughter’s illness. After some time, Dorothy married the hotel owner, Jack Denison. But her second husband was verbally as well as physically abusive. So their relationship ended, and Dorothy got divorced again. Afterward, Dorothy died under mysterious conditions at the age of 42.

Is Harolyn Still Alive or Not?

Hence, there were many notions that Harolyn passed away in 2003, but it is still not confirmed. Similarly, no one has any current information about whether she is alive or not. If, in any case, she is alive, she is most likely in a mental hospital facility located in California. If this is true that Harolyn is still alive, then she will turn 75 or more this year. But this becomes a mystery as to whether Harolyn is alive or not.

The career of Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

She is the daughter of two well-known African-American celebrities, Dandridge and Harold Lloyd Nicholas. However, she is mentally ill, so there is no academic information about her. On the other hand, her parents were well-known Hollywood celebrities at that time. Hence, she belongs to the most talented and successful family. Due to the brain disability, she did not achieve anything.

How Did Harolyn’s Parents Die?

On September 8, 1965, Dorothy Dandridge spoke on the phone with her friend and former sister-in-law. She went to New York to get ready for her performance in a nightclub on Basin Street. But after a few hours, Dandridge was found dead and naked in her apartment by the manager. After a few months, postmortem reports revealed that she died due to an antidepressant overdose and a fat embolism.

Moreover, on July 3, 2000, Harley’s father died from a cardiac arrest after several years. At the time of his death, he was 79.

Other Facts about the Harolyn Suzanne

  • Suzanne’s father, Nicholas, was a deadbeat. He has no passion in his life or in caring for his daughter.
  • Despite Harolyn’s condition, she always tried to find happiness in her life. Dorothy attempted everything to make her daughter feel better and invested millions in her daughter’s medication. But all her efforts were verified as unsuccessful.
  • After some time, her mother was declared bankrupt and could not afford her daughter’s treatment, so she gave all the parental rights to a state-run asylum.
  • Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas mother got into another marital relationship with Denison in June 1959.