How to Get Rimworld Components by Mining, Trading & More

Rimworld is a colony survival game in which you control the people and colonize the whole world. Every game need items or materials to make a game more adventurous, and these rimworld components are a part of the mechanical construction of the game that builds solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, coolers, and heaters.

Other than that, if you play without components, you will not go too far in the game. So have these items to build the game features. But the question that arises is how you get these components. If you want to know it, you have come to the right place because this article contains the method of getting it while playing the game. So, once you have gotten the components, have fun playing them.

What Is Rimworld Component?

The Rimworld survival game has different components, which are the building blocks of virtually anything you use in rimworld. You need these items to build up the ships, firearms, electrical devices, and whatnot. If you want to play a game without components, it’s a spoiler for your game because you will not go too far.

Furthermore, there are 5 different ways where you can get the components such as:

  1. Deconstructed old ships
  2. Mining compressed machinery
  3. Disassemble mechanoids
  4. Buy items from the orbital bulk goods trader
  5. Use an assembly bench

You can use each of these methods and collect all the components needed to make repairs as you build out your colonies.

The Components Used for the Rimworld Game

The components are important because they revolve around all the things in the game and are used to craft a wide array of weapons, structures, and even prosthetics. They are used in the creation of:

how to get components rimworld
how to get components rimworld
  1. Prosthetic/bionic limbs
  2. Electrical Devices like sunlamps and batteries
  3. Blowback Weaponry (guns): Auto pistols, shotguns, and turrets

The more advanced your tech level and research level, the greater need you will have to acquire more components. And the components are easy to get once you know where to look in the game.

How to Get Rimworld Components: Rapid Fire Method

These are the following rapid-fire methods that will help you to get RW components that help you out in the game. If you don’t use the components, you will not go too far from the whole game. So follow the method to become a part of the game.

rimworld how to get components
rimworld how to get components

Getting RW Components Through Trading

Trading is one of the famous survival games to get components in Rim-world. However, creating a caravan with a colonist with admirable social skills requires only selecting the world from the bottom menu.

Don’t forget to take Silver or other trading materials. The Components you want will not be available unless you have something to trade. Traveling without Silver can lead to a long day wasted.

By chance, if you are happy with the rimworld caravan, you can go on the rimworld journey, find a friend faction and start to trade. You can trade about any item without much effort on your part. Moreover, when you are on the caravan, be careful about attacking the caravan; some of your colonists will be unavailable for a long time.

Other traders can sometimes swarm into your colony with components to trade. Unless you are experienced, don’t stock up on too much material from them. Generally, the higher the value of your colony, the more raids you will receive.

Getting Rimworld Components Through Mining

As you walk around your map in Rimworld, you may notice something that looks like brownish square rocks. They have the text “Compacted machinery.” You can mine the compacted machinery to get components. However, these compacted machines can be found in the mountains and sometimes even fall in the form of meteors during the game. Establishing a colony on a hilltop gives you easy access to mineral deposits.

The compacted machinery comes in 3 to 6 block packs, and each block drops out the two components. It takes only 2000 health and 25 hits to mine them. In contrast, steel requires 1500 health. Moreover, you can choose the mine option from your architect menu from the mine compacted machinery. If colonists work as miners, they will go there and mine that compacted machinery.

The mining process reveals the number of components based on the miner’s skill. When assigning miners, it’s best to use experienced workers if you want to accomplish the task quickly and with minimum loss. Additionally, long-range mineral scanners and deep drills are available to mine Components.

Getting Rim-world Components Through Crafting

Rimworld also allows you to create your own components. You will be able to create Components and other things on the Fabrication Bench with your pawns once you research Fabrication from the Research tree. However, there is variation in Research trees among different mods, along with different methods of achieving them when crafting.

Once you have created the Fabrication Bench, you can craft the Components by selecting “Craft Components” from the Bills section. If your colonists don’t have at least eight crafting skills, they cannot make components in Rim-world. Aside from 12 Steel and 5,000 Time Ticks, you will need 12 Gold.

There will be no compaction of machines or deconstruction of sunk ships, leaving relatively few options for finding components. Alternately, you can either kill mechanoids, wait for traders to arrive, or wait for other ship chunks to fall. This could be the best method when you are late in the game.

Getting Rimworld Components Disassembling

Mechanoids are always an option if you run out of mining areas to get your Components. These mechanoid types include Scythers, Centipedes, and Lancers. You can find them in old ruins, mountains, or random events such as psychics or poisons.

A mechanical system can be taken to a machining table and disassembled for 50 Steel, 10 Plasteel, and two Components. In some cases, you will not receive all the materials if the Centipede is missing some parts from combat. You get less material if there are fewer centipedes.

It is possible to disassemble Lancers and Scythers for 20 steel, one plastic, and one component. As with parts, the fewer you have, the less material you need. They are dangerous foes, but you can use them as a component source when no other source is available.

You only get a certain percentage of the Components back from dismantling, so it is a short-term method for getting them. However, this method should only be used in an emergency.

In addition, Ship Chunks can be deconstructed to gain Components during the game. The game will alert you when these items crash somewhere on the map. A search of your map will let you know where they are.

A crew assigned to the construction project will break the chunks of the ship into components. As many components as possible can be obtained by getting to where they are and breaking them. Then select “Deconstruct” on the bottom left side of the screen after selecting the chunk to harvest. Nonetheless, your colonist could be attacked on the way there, and the action could take a while. Sending proficient colonists is the best way to complete the job quickly.

No More Interruptions

Rimworld is one of the most popular games in the world where you can build game features with authentic components. It is almost like a prison architect, except you build up a civilization and protect them from the harsh elements of an alien world. This game is available on steam and updating its content with more features. However, the game already has updated components of rim-world, and getting them is freaky, as mentioned in the article. I hope you will get the guide and let us know if it will be helpful for you.