How To Clean Glass Shower Door, Walls & Door Tracks Quickly

There are two kinds of bathroom shower covers we use: Shower curtains and glass doors. Regardless of your preference, we all approve that shower glass doors are complicated to possess and clean. However, the glass shower looked modern and glossy until it became covered with bubbles, stiff water spots, and stains. For this reason, some cleaning materials from your storeroom will keep the glass shower doors, walls, and door tracks clean and keeps the bathroom looking shiny and polished.

Here in this article, we shared some materials to clean your bathroom stuff. We also informed some essential tips you must keep in mind when you start to wash and clean it.

Tips to Remember:  Clean Glass Shower Doors, Walls, and Door Tracks

how to clean a glass shower door
how to clean a glass shower door

Suppose you are cleaning your bathroom and now start to wash the glass doors, walls, and door tracks. It would help if you had to keep in mind these essential tips. Because if you avoid and forget these tips, you will not clean the washroom tools properly. So constantly keep in mind these tricks when you are going to wash your bathroom.

  • Don’t use vinegar or any acidic solution if you have a natural stone because the properties of acid can permanently expire the stone.
  • To control the moistness of your bathroom, always open the glass shower when you are not showering.
  • Keep the scratcher or squeegee inside your shower so you can quickly wipe it after you have done it. So it will help to stop the stains and streaks from growing on the glass.
  • Always rinse the door with warm water when you clean the door with any substance.
  • Do not use the ammonia and acidic vinegar mixture in the bathroom because the combination processes deadly vapors.
  • Do not use a harsh brush on the glass door because it can create scratches on the glass.
  • Always use the dry microfiber sheets to clean the spots of soap foam and water tints.

Ingredients: To Clean the Glass Shower Door, Walls, and Door Tracks

  1. White vinegar
  2. Brush
  3. Water
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Microfiber cloth
  6. Borax
  7. Squeegee
  8. Cotton balls
  9. Lemon
  10. Ammonia
  11. Dishwashing liquid
  12. Sponge
  13. Spray bottle

Sparkling the Glass Doors & Walls with a Lemon for Cleaning Purpose

Are you annoying by water splashes on your glass doors and walls? You can clean the shower glass door in your washroom using this lemon trick. The acid in the lemon juice will remove the stains of water. So follow the below guide to applying it.

  • Take a bowl and add the juice of three lemons.
  • Now pour a cup of distilled water and mix it well.
  • Then add this mixture of lemon to the spray bottle.
  • Now shower this mixture on the glass and wait for five minutes.
  • Clean the glass with a microfiber cloth. That’s it.

When you clean the glass, you can rub the lemon oil on it too because the oil resists the water, and the soap does not dry on the glass. In addition, the scent of lemon is pleasant and makes a good fragrance in your washroom.

Use White Vinegar to Hygienic the Glass Shower Doors and Walls

Using distilled white vinegar for bathroom cleaning purposes is really cheap and already available in your home. The vinegar acid will help you to remove the water and soap stains from the glass and acrylic doors. The method is simple to do, so follow the steps.

  • Take an equal quantity of warm distilled white vinegar and dishwashing liquid.
  • Pour this mixture into the shower bottle.
  • Now shower this mixture on the glass door.
  • Then scrub it with the sponge.
  • Rinse the glass door with water and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

NOTE: You can add the tea tree oil a few drops into the mixture to save your skin from the acid in vinegar.

Use Ammonia to Wash the Layer of Soap on the Glass Door & Walls

There is another way to get the streak-free and clean shower glass door and walls. You can use ammonia to wash the thick layer of soap and water stains. But it would be best to protect yourself by opening the windows and door. So follow the steps to clean with ammonia.

  • In a spray bottle, pour one cup of water.
  • Then add the one-fourth cup of ammonia.
  • Now shower the mixture that you prepared onto the glass shower.
  • Scrub it with a sponge or with a brush.
  • Wash the glass carefully and dry it entirely with a microfiber cloth.

NOTE: keep open the windows, door, or any other bathroom ventilation system to get the smell out of the bathroom.

Use The Baking Soda to Clean the Stubborn Stain on the Shower Glass Door & Walls

Removing the stubborn stains of soap and water is quite easy and using baking soda is another natural way to clean the glass shower door and walls stain. There are two different methods of using baking soda. So try the other method if the number one method will not work efficiently.

  1. Method No 1
  • Take a bowl and add half a cup or four tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Now add enough water to make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste to the glass door and wall.
  • Now rinse this mixture with the vinegar.
  • Then wash the glass with water and dry it with a microfiber cloth.
  1. Method No 2
  • Take a bowl and add the baking soda to it.
  • Now pour the vinegar and create a paste to mix it well.
  • Apply this paste to the shower glass and wait for 30 minutes.
  • After that, wash it with water. Then dry the glass.

Use and Find Out the Borax Powder to Wash the Bathroom’s Glass Door & Walls

Borax powder is another fix that cleans the glass shower of your bathroom. You can find the borax powder in the laundry lane in most of the stores. Follow the guide to freshly clean your home bathroom glass.

  • First, take a bowl and add the borax powder to it.
  • Now pour enough water to make thick sticky stuff.
  • By using a sponge, scrub the glass with the mixture.
  • Wash the glass with water and then dry the glass door or wall with a cloth.

Finally: How to Clean Glass the Shower Door Tracks Rapidly by Using Vinegar

You have cleaned the glass shower doors and walls, but what about the door track? Wash cleaning the door tracks is easy to do. But when you are not cleaning the glass shower for a long time, it can make it difficult for you to slide open or close the door. If you are wondering how to clean and clear the shower door tracks from vinegar, just look at the following steps.

  • Pour the distilled white vinegar with the cotton ball into the door tracks.
  • Now, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to let the vinegar sit.
  • Scrub the track gently with a brush.
  • Then rinse the door track with water to clean the vinegar.
  • In the end, dries it with a microfiber cloth. That’s it

NOTE: You can use the (lemon, ammonia, borax, and baking soda) methods we shared to clean the shower glass doors and walls.


That’s all the basics you must know about how to clean the shower glass doors, walls, and door tracks. We also shared some essential tips and tricks while you start deep clean of your bathroom stains. We hope this guide will resolve your issues. So, tell us in the comment box if these methods help you.