Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights in 2022

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights? It is as simple to view as you think, and Insta is one of the famous photo, video, and reel-sharing apps with millions of users. The users share outstanding quality pictures and videos, and you can also send a direct message back and forth on a daily basis.

Instagram highlights are similar to stories but are permanent in your profile until you delete them. While stories disappear after 24 hours, you can pin your stories as the highlighted feature in your profile. In addition, it has appeared at the center of your Instagram profile, where you can write and add stories about what you and your business talk about.  Your profile can also be updated periodically by editing them. The following article described the specific highlight views you received on your Instagram story and who can view your Instagram story.

Introduction of Instagram Highlight

Instagram story is one of the great features that update the followers about your current activities, and this Story disappears after 24 hours. Let’s suppose after putting the Story; you can make highlights and save them permanently into your profile by mentioning different names and circle icons.

You can also see the viewers list who viewed 24 hours from your Story. Although, if your Story is on the archive, it is shown 48 hours after the post. Simultaneously, the viewer’s name on Insta highlight will be unavailable after 48 hours. Therefore, remember that you cannot see the view if someone views the Insta highlights after two days of the posted Story, and it also removes the figure of views and name list endlessly after that.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights: Easy Steps

If you are an Instagram user, you already know that the viewer’s list of Insta will appear within 48 hours of the post. Hence, if you added stories to Insta highlights and it has not been 2 days since the post, you can still view it by swiping up.

Let’s follow the given steps where you can learn who would see your Insta story:

  • Open the Instagram account and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to your profile and click on highlights.
  • Now click on the activity icon or swipe up from the bottom of the highlights; this option is right available in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Here, you can see the list of viewers.

Instagram Checking on Who Saw Your Highlights

Your Instagram highlight is permanent until you delete them, and if you are curious to know who viewed them. Follow the steps below but remember that you are limited to a 48 hours window, and your highlights have limited time to view.

  • Go to your profile on Instagram.
  • Click on the icon of the highlight that you want to inform.
  • Click on the “Seen By”signat the screen’s left side corner. And see the people on Insta who saw your highlight.

Note: You can also hide the highlight from someone. And undo this option by changing the privacy settings in the settings menu.

Instagram highlights are a great feature to save your favorite stories. And you can share and see them with your millions of followers. Additionally, the people doing business can find a way to promote their product or content through their highlights. Regardless, with the ability to view who has viewed your highlights, plus the ability to delete and change your highlights as you see fit on Instagram.

Unluckily, it will be better if someone the views stats are permanent or much longer than 48 hours.

How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story Except Highlights?

Most people enjoy sharing stuff but discovering who has seen it is the best part. Everybody wants to know who is looking at them. It’s good to know that everyone who views your Stories can be seen after they have been posted. The steps are as follows:

  • Open your Instagram account and click on the story icon in the screen’s upper left corner.
  • Now you will see another profile icon in the mobile’s right corner, indicating that people have viewed your Story. But the story viewing time is not mentioned there.
  • View your content’s viewing statistics by tapping the icon.

No one has viewed your profile if you don’t see anyone’s profile icon on the lower left side.

  • When you swipe up from the bottom of your Story, you will see a message that no one has watched your Story. You won’t find any names listed.

Although you now know how to view who viewed your Story, there’s still a lot to learn. The first Story you create is always seen by people when they swipe right. And you can skip the rest of someone’s Story if you swipe right rather than touching or clicking right. By clicking the ”Seen by” option in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you can see who views all of your stories, including the latest one except Instagram highlights.

Can I View a Story Without Letting the Creator Know?

You may wonder if you are concerned about your security or if someone is stalking you on Instagram because someone is able to view your Story without being detected. Even though some third-party apps and websites claim to do this, most people will not let anyone look at your private content if you don’t share it with them.

Some Instagram users swear by a workaround, but it can be tricky and only shows a preview of the Story. However, when you are unfamiliar with Instagram Stories’ features, it might be possible to pause and preview the next one without being detected.

By long-pressing the current Story and slowly dragging the screen to the right, the user can preview your Story by selecting the Story to the right of the current Story. Since your Story was never opened, you would not know someone was interested.

The only time you would get a notification is if your Story was viewed all the way to the right and Instagram recognized that a person had viewed it. As we mentioned, it is a bit tricky.


Instagram is the best platform among others and is used by almost everyone worldwide. Everyone wants to know their features because it is good for branding the business or making you popular by getting followers on Insta. The ultimate feature of Insta is the story and highlight feature, where people can post their current moods. And save them into their highlight section of the profile, which people can see whenever they want. But who viewed it so? I have a guide for you where people can see the method of viewing the stories and highlights on Instagram. If you are still confused about the viewer list, update me by mentioning your Instagram id.