What is Super Alexa Mode & How to Access it Via Konami Code

Have you ever heard of Alexa Mode? If not, we will cover it for you. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about the Alexa mode. Amid other things such as giving daily news snippets, streaming podcasts, or requesting information. You can make Amazon’s voice assistant tell jokes planned for its super Alexa mode. It is a subtle Alexa Easter egg and a fun exercise that can be so much fun.

Moreover, the Alexa mode is a concealed feature of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant that may be used at any time. So we will later learn how to enable this feature. Nowadays, the Alexa mode is becoming increasingly important in users’ homes worldwide. It can play music and control our Smart TV while performing voice commands and various activities for us. Such as turning on and off the lights. So Alexa brings a touch of humor to our daily lives by offering everything from setting a timer to getting information about the weather.

What do You Mean By Super Alexa Mode

Most people are not aware of how to have fun with it. Super Alexa is full of tricks and secrets and is helpful as well. But first, we learn what it actually is. As Super Alexa is an easter egg built on a video game based on the Konami Code, released in 1986 and used in particular Nintendo games. The Code is used in numerous video games, but Amazon uses it in Alexa for gamers to have fun with it. It is just the likely response from Amazon to any gamers who say the Code to Alexa.

Moreover, it cracks various jokes that Amazon developers have fixed into Alexa to answer the funniest questions. In America, it is unusual to visit a house that does not have an intelligent device with a built-in voice assistant. You can perform various tasks through it, from setting the alarm to finding out about the weather. You can do all these things without using your hands. But you have to unlock it by saying a unique cheat code.

Where does the Konami Code Come From? (A Brief History)

In the 80s, a fun cheat code known as the Konami code was made for video games by Japanese game developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto. So, during the testing phase of Code on the Gradius Game on Nintendo Switch, which was at its peak, He created the codes to allow his team to start the game with the upgrades. Because the codes will help you bypass enemies and circumstances to make testing easier.

But after some time, Hashimoto claimed that he had unintentionally forgotten to get rid of the Code and had never planned for players to use it. Following that, players discovered the Code because it allowed them to play at a more leisurely pace. And the Gradius became more manageable for new gamers and reached its peak audience.

As an effect, the Code became a standard feature of Konami’s NES games, particularly in the Contra Series. Gamers were excited to use the Konami Code on contra after the release of the NES in 1988. Moreover, the Konami code is utilized in many games, including those not developed by Konami, like Tetris Effects, Fortnite, and BioShock Infinite. Google Assistant and Siri can also use it to suggest a diverse response.

Turning On Super Alexa Mode via Konami Code

Alexa mode is encoded in echo devices to crack jokes, but you must first activate it. To activate it, you have to say, “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A start.” After this, Alexa will reply, “*Super Alexa mode is activated,” notify on your device. If you say the correct Code, it will say Superb Alexa mode activated. Reactor startup, online. Enabling advanced systems online, Creating Dodgers. Error. Missing Dodgers. Aborting. Once activated, you can use it on your Android and Apple device using the Alexa app.

The rule refers to the button you press on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller to turn on the Code in particular video games. But Alexa’s response does not mention any particular game or meme.

Turning Off the Superb Alexa Mode

There is nothing to be concerned about with the mode. It would not harm you. You can stop it by simply letting it time out after about 10 seconds. It is a fun Easter egg added by the developers of Alexa to the devices. When you set the timer, it will automatically turn off your device.

How can Super Alexa Mode do Work?

The primary purpose of the mode is that it serves as a joke to make players chuckle with the funniest answers. Amazon Alexa voice assistants are not modified or upgraded after using the Alexa mode. The thought is to trick players into believing they have something special. And they love to have Alexa on their devices to make their day happy. Because it can do everything for you, from research to singing a birthday song for you. Moreover, the Alexa would not harm you, so do not worry, and there is no need to activate it.

Final Thoughts

The blog reflects the light on the great Alexa mode feature that lightens your day by giving you the funniest answers and laughing so hard. The Amazon Alexa is an ester egg introduced by Amazon for gamers. You can activate it by using the famous Konami code on your Amazon Echo speaker. The purpose is to build good relations with the customer and the players. Let us know about your funniest experience with Super Alexa mode.