How to Swim in Animal Crossing & Dive into New Horizon

I am excited to swim in Animal crossing, do you? As the new horizon comes with a summer update, the most exciting feature is the ability to swim. But no worries if you don’t know how to swim in the game. So we have covered you and will let you know everything about swimming, where to get a suit in the Animal crossing new horizon.

Moreover, players have traversed and edited every inch of the island and explored many different islands. You can go anywhere in the Game and customize things, and now there’s the ability to swim in the Game along with other exciting things. That’s why players are enthusiasts about diving into the water.

The new Horizon version 1.3.0 introduced features like the players’ interacting with the nonplayer character and, most importantly, swimming and diving in the water to explore the inside of the sea world. The process is pretty simple. So let’s learn something exciting about swimming and explore the different sea creatures.

Introduction of Animal Crossing Game

“Animal Crossing” is a video game series developed by Nintendo. The characters you see in the Game are humans who live in a village occupied by cartoon animals. Moreover, the characters are connected to activities like fishing, fossil hunting, catching, and now you can swim too. The Animal Crossing series is valuable for its open-ended gameplay. As the growth of trees and holidays can occur at a specific time, these events need a particular amount of time to pass. Therefore, the passage of time in the Game discloses the reality and the new season and time.

Furthermore, by exploring and customizing in a new horizon, you can create your own paradise. You can also decorate your paradise during the day or enjoy the sunset while fishing. So every day, you can get a chance to check and find new surprises.

How to Swim in Animal Crossing- New Horizon

To swim in the water, you first need a wetsuit. Then, you can freely leave the shores, start swimming around their island, and see the different sea creatures. So here, we will first learn how to get the wetsuit on the new horizon.

how to swim in animal crossing update
how to swim in animal crossing update

·         Getting the Wet Suit in Animal Crossing

We always want to swim quickly, but there is the exception that we have first to wear the wetsuit. You can get the wetsuit from Nook Miles, but the issue is that you will get the wet suit the next day. To get the swimsuit fast, you have to go to NooK’s Cranny and check in the cabinet that typically involves tools, plants, and wallpaper. Then, you will suddenly see the wetsuit design, so purchase it as it will cost you 3,000 bells and comes with manual instructions about how to wear it. You can also wear snorkels if you want, as it is not necessary while swimming.

Moreover, it is valuable that the swimsuit design changes every time, so keep checking to see what has come. So now it’s time to wear the swimsuit. You can easily wear it just by selecting it from the inventory. Then, you can automatically wear it on top of their clothes.

·         Start Swim in the Ocean of Animal Crossing

When you have purchased the swimsuit and worn it, you are ready to swim in the ocean. So let’s go to the beach and get into the sea. One of the ways to get into the sea is to traverse the sand or dive in from the beach rocks, an area of land that comes through the ocean. So, once you get close to the ocean, follow the below steps to swim in the water. You can press the A button on the controller to get into the water. Then, keep clicking or holding the A button to start swimming.

You can get back only by walking up the beach as there is no other way to jump out of the water onto the rocks. After a certain time, if you see little bubbles hovering at the top, you can dive into the water by pressing Y and dig up the sea creatures. After grabbing, you can head back to the beach and throw off your wet suit to be back in your everyday look.

Moreover, there are 40 sea creatures in the Game, like jellyfish, and others will come depending on the season and time. Some creatures offer to trade you for a reward.

·         Finding Sea Creatures While Swimming

So, when you swim in the ocean during the animal crossing, you can explore the seaside and find different sea creatures. If you see bubbles coming out of the water. It means they are the critters, so you have to dive into the water to get the creature. You have to press Y to get down and dive into the water to grab the creature. If you find the scallop, then Pascal, the red otter, will come and offer you to trade the scallop for mermaid furniture recipes.

Now, What we can do With Sea Creatures

how to swim in animal crossing new horizons
how to swim in animal crossing new horizons

When you grab the sea creatures, now check your Critterpedia. There you will see the new tab known as “Sea Creatures.” Whatever things you find on adventures under the ocean, like seagrapes, seaweed, and ocean plant life, will be classified here. There are 40 different kinds of sea creatures inside the ocean. So the Critterpedia will add new things to donate to the museum. The Blusters will willingly accept any new sea creature or greenery exposed while diving as a donation to the museum.

However, there is no new section for the sea creatures like Redd and the art exhibit. The present collection of fish at the museum will be added to the collection. So, if you carry your first grasp to bleat, it will be displayed with the others.

Final Words

To swim in the animal crossing, you first have to get a wetsuit from the Nooks Cranny for the cost of 3000 bells. Then, wear the wetsuit, dive into the water, and catch the different sea creatures to donate to the museum. Grabbing sea creatures is one of the reasons to swim. If you have any queries about the Game, feel free to comment here. And don’t forget to share your swimming experience in animal crossing with us.