Top 10 Sites like Craigslist for Buying and Selling in 2021

If you are looking for sites like Craigslist, in this guide, we have listed several Craigslist alternatives you can admit. If you want to sell or buy used things locally, the first place to look is presumably going to be sites like Craigslist. Craigslist has a bunch to offer sellers. It’s free to post and market on Craigslist. And because most activities are local, you can receive your money and get rid of stuff instantly.

Though, you may not be satisfied with Craigslist for whatever reason. Or, maybe you need more classified sites to pick from. These Craigslist alternatives enable you to sell, buy, or trade online if you’re searching for something different.

Sites Like Craigslist
Sites Like Craigslist

The Best Sites like Craigslist 

Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace has been nearby for years, but the organization relaunched the feature in late 2016. You’ll want to have a Facebook profile to get begun. Still, it enables buyers and sellers to interact in the Marketplace through their Facebook profiles, putting a name (and often a picture) to a listing, unlike the unknown Craigslist format. The Marketplace is also available through the Facebook application.

Just set your filter options and explore your local Marketplace up to 500 miles from your current place. It’s also become a famous place for advertising rentals.


OfferUp is a smartphone application where you can buy and sell items locally. It has swiftly climbed through the ranks to become a non-sleazy and secure selling platform.

According to a Business Insider report, People are consuming just as much time on OfferUp as they do on Snapchat and Instagram. Based on recent selling activities, this platform is one of the greatest. Here you can sell a lot of items very quickly.


Letgo is one of the most famous sites like Craigslist. One of the logic behind its progress is that it begins with both a classifieds site and an app; both are easy to use. The only drawback is that you have to set up a Letgo account to use their features. This is a little value to pay in replacement for an excellent platform where you can find what you’re searching for or sell any item you need to get rid of.

Adding a listing on Letgo is ever pleasant. All you have to do is take a photo of the item you need to sell and then set a price. You can also add a negotiable option to notify potential buyers that the price is still up for consultation.


Close5 (earlier eBay Classifieds) is a different excellent way to sell locally. The drawback to Close5 is that, according to their site, they are not currently in all cities across the U.S. Close5 is open in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., LA, Boston, and Phoenix.

PennySaver USA

Like its name, Penny Saver enables you to save money. It is reasonably the top Craigslist alternative and most former community in the United States for free classifieds. PennySaver has been helping local societies for over the past 50 years.


Typically, you would need to get a first-hand look at the product you are purchasing. BackPage executes this possible: Surely, it is a unique website that enables you to post video classifieds, completely free.

Sense, you can capture a video of whatever you want to advertise, like an apartment for rent or a car, and upload it on BackPage. Purchase anything from anyone who resided anywhere. It features classifieds from around 50 plus countries globally.


BooKoo is a developing platform for selling and buying items in your local area. It currently has close to 3 million users and is usable in most regions. It also has some exciting features.

People receive profiles that include their average response rate and the kinds of items that they often sell. The application permits you to send messages to other users and query about their listings. Payments are also controlled by the application, which adds a little more safety to the selling and buying process.


Oodle is an online platform that lets you sell and buy vehicles, furniture, real estate, and pets. They also own a jobs section and an area for professional co-operations. People must sign up via Facebook, which helps create a secure platform for selling and buying locally as the user profiles are linked to Facebook profiles. It is simpler to verify the identity of the user you communicate with.

The platform is currently available within a web browser, and the categories are short. Though it still gives an additional spot to explore for unique items and discounts in your town region.


In contrast to the other Craigslist alternatives listed in this guide, Hoobly reasonably has the same look and feel as Craigslist. You can explore simply about anything on this website. In extension, there are stock listings in Europe and Canada.

You might own the most benefit with Hoobly by buying and selling pet animals as there are arguably more listings for this category than any of the other commodity classes listed. It is free to shop or post on Hoobly.


If you’re originally searching to sell and buy merchandise, then Mercari is a listing application that enables you to ditch all the useless extras and concentrate on selling and buying. The layout and features of the application and the website are great, and Mercari makes everything simple with a quick shipping system that tremendously expands the number of people you can contact.

Yes, there is a ten percent selling fee and some other reasonable seller fees, but the added functionality presents this worthwhile. It’s a fabulous place to find discounted clothes, cheap used tech, and many other items on the purchasing side.


Nevertheless, for several reasons, Craigslist is not a priority for everyone. It could be a non-option due to safety concerns or just because your item is not selling there. Fortunately, you have sites like Craigslist that can help you sell your things and make some money. Depending on where you reside, some Craigslist alternatives will be a safer and great option than the others.