How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issue – Here is the Ways

Are you exploring to know how to fix Roku remote not working issue? It’s hard to understand that there was ever a time when TVs didn’t have remote controls. Today it’s difficult to buy almost every electronic device that doesn’t have a remote, and the Roku stock of devices is no exception. A Roku isn’t a whole lot of choice if you have to keep getting up to change the channel or manually navigate the menu. You can indeed use your smartphone to control your Roku, but that doesn’t have the same one-button convenience as the standard remote. If your Roku remote has quit working, it can be a real hassle. In this article, I will lead you through some troubleshooting moves to get your Roku remote back up and working.

Several Roku models were published since the platform first rolled out in 2002, and some remote controls models. Still, there are only two different fundamental types of Roku remotes. There are natural infrared remotes, which work just like natural TV remotes by firing coded pulses of infrared light at the receiver, and Wi-Fi-activated remotes that can be pointed in any direction and still work because they connect to the Roku device itself via the Wi-Fi network. Some troubleshooting techniques will work on either type of remote, or some methods specific to each class.

How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Problem – Easy Ways 

Check the Remote’s Battery 

Are you sure that you have examined your remote’s battery before everything? Are they working? When a Roku remote is not operating or working very slow, the problem can be with the batteries that have been run out.

There are Roku remotes that require two AA batteries, and then there are some who need AAAs. You can get this information in the manual or maybe at the Remote’s sticker. The batteries are installed on the back of the remote’s bottom. The batteries are simply accessible just by sliding the cover at the back.

Pairing the Roku Remote

One basic problem with Roku remotes is that they might not work not because the remote is faulty, but the pairing might be. It can be unpaired from the device with which it is assumed to operate.

It can be caused by various factors such as changing WiFi networks, system updates, using the remote with another Roku Box, or any glitch that can cause this issue.

In such a scenario, you need to Pair your Roku remote with your device again. Before doing that, make sure there is no barrier between the remote and the device.

Reset Your Roku Remote

If you have worked on the points mentioned above and nothing has worked out, you can reset your remote to chuck out the issue.

When you have to reset a remote, you need to follow a series of steps to do so. The primary thing that you need to do is to remove your batteries.

Also, remove the whole device from the power supply and wait for at shortest 10 seconds to reconnect Roku to the power outlet. The home screen is moving to take its time for loading. Put the batteries back to discern whether that has solved the issue or not. If Roku Remote still doesn’t work, then you can move to the next step.

Wi-Fi Connection

If you have reviewed everything and your Roku Remote is not working, the problem could be with your Wi-Fi. The Roku remote may not require a Wi-Fi connection to work, but it needs a functional network to carry out the task and connect to the box.

The remote is not going to run if the connection is down or lost. So, make sure that the connection is working before you move to any other clarification.

Check the router settings if you think yourself tech-savvy and see what might have been the issue that is causing the Roku remote not to work.

Check for HDMI Interference

In its official literature, Roku believes that the remotes for some of its models are affected by interference from nearby HDMI cables. The issue is especially prevalent on Roku streaming sticks, which connect directly to your TV’s HDMI port.

The answer is to use an HDMI cable extender, thus providing your streaming stick to be positioned further away from the TV’s HDMI port.

You can utilize any HDMI extender you have lying around your house. However, if you don’t previously own one, Roku will ship you a short extender for free. To claim your free cable, you need to fill out the appropriate form on the Roku website.

Roku Stick Remote Not Working
Roku Stick Remote Not Working

Use the Official Roku Remote App

Although using your smartphone as a Roku remote isn’t supreme, there is an official Roku remote app that you can download and utilize for free on both Android and iOS. It’s a reliable temporary stop-gap. Before you start the app for the first time, ensure that it is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku streaming device.

As early as the app loads, you will view the Discovery screen. Allow the method a few seconds to finish, and you should view your Roku box listed. Tap on the name to make the connection. In addition to being used as a Roku TV remote, the Roku app has plenty of other cool features worth using.

This involves entrance to free TV shows and movies on your device via The Roku Channel, the capability to manage your device’s earphone connection for individual listening, help for keyboard (and, on some models, voice input), and a plan to cast content from your device to the TV screen.


Hopefully, some of these points work so you can get back to streaming your favorite content. If we missed some tips and tricks, though, please include them in the comments below, and we might feature them in the future. The tips discussed above are going to assist you to fix the Roku remote not working.

If these tips are working, you might have to change the remote or consult expert advisers for more info. Please share your valuable views on fixing when the Roku remote is not working in the comment box section below.