Microsoft Under Clocking Their Xbox One Professional SEO Service Strategy

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Xbox as a brand is doing very well with their entire SEO strategy. Being able to perform well as a brand on the search engines is critical nowadays. Given some people searching online for various brands or keywords relating to brands, it is important to control your own brand’s message. The best way to do this is with a proper professional SEO strategy in place. Below, we will be going over how Microsoft as a brand is doing well with their Xbox One SEO strategy.

Why Microsoft Winning With Xbox One SEO Strategy:

1. Content.

One of the biggest reasons Microsoft is succeeding in their overall SEO strategy is because they are always posting new and relevant high-quality content associated with their brand. Because of this, the search engines are picking up on it and ranking their content high within the search engines. Microsoft has started with a content first approach which has proven to be successful in the past, and it is indeed working now. Not only are they posting text-based content, but also a lot of videos.

2. On Page Optimization.

You can tell the Xbox brand did a lot of work on their on page optimization strategies. They have a lot of different on page things that are targeting all of the keywords that they want to rank for within the industry and marketplace. Because of this, their optimization is helping generate good rankings within the search engines.

3. Social Media.

The Xbox brand has also made a point to connect all of their social media outlets with one another to generate a good amount of communication between the brand, and it’s target customer. Because of this, there are a lot of posts related to the Xbox brand and a lot of activity across all of their social media platforms. As a result, search engines are likely seeing how many people are connected to and talking about or with the brand.  This is something that the Xbox brand is doing a lot better than it’s competition and it is one of the biggest reasons they have been so successful with their SEO efforts.

4. Video Marketing.

Xbox has also seen the value of video marketing in regards to SEO and made an effort to get videos ranking as high as possible on the search engines. This is huge for brands because videos are not only ranked higher by themselves, but they prove to be an excellent way to get a lot of organic shares given people love not only to watch videos but share the videos that they watch. As a result, the Xbox brand has seen a lot of boost from video marketing alone. This is a vital strategy that Xbox and it’s brand have perfected when it comes to the Xbox One branding. Just like STFUandPlay.

Overall, there are a lot of different reasons as to why the Xbox One brand is doing so well within the search engines. Not only is it an authority on the market in the video game space, but it has Microsoft’s name backing it up. Along with this, they have come through with a well-rounded strategy that allowed it to propel itself above even it’s competition in the space. The Xbox One brand is one of the best when it comes to SEO implementation.

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