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How to Wear a Bandana – Trendy Ways for Male-Female Both

Need to know how to wear a Bandana? Just have a look at this Guide! Bandanas also famous as a Kerchief, it is a big three-sided or rectangular piece of cloth. Bandanas are traditionally worn around the neck or head for protecting or beautifying purposes. Though, today, both men and women wear them in a class of ways such as from the waist, around the wrist, and even as a pocket square.

Masterwork bandanas are colored and usually highlight a white paisley print, but there are several more choices available today. As such, when buying a bandana, you will be able to select from a broad range of patterns, colors, sizes, and fabrics.

Need to know how to wear a Bandana Just have a look at this Guide! Bandanas also famous as a Kerchief
Need to know how to wear a Bandana Just have a look at this Guide! Bandanas also famous as a Kerchief

How to Wear a Bandana: Men 

Around the Neck 

Around the neck is one of the simplest techniques to wear a bandana. The glance can suit just about any gent and can work for both casual and smart-casual occasions. To keep the appearance subtle, pick for a small bandana. Bend it, put it around your collar and tie a bow at the front.

Alternatively, for a braver look, you can choose to knot it at the back of your throat with a hole left free at the front. Or, if your bandana is big enough, you also have an option to wear it as a scarf. But, no concern how you use it, be careful of your bandana’s color. Select bold shades such as red to add animation to otherwise neutral collections and smoother tones for outfits that previously contain color.

Around the Head

For a brighter and more rock-and-roll appearance, you can attempt to tie your bandana around your head. This look is a preference of musicians and excellent for gaining a description style. It’s also an attractive choice for gents with long locks. Try it for yourself when visiting your next festival or event.

To get the look, begin by selecting the perfect bandana. You can either go for a neutral color like black or go bold with a vibrant shade. Once picked, put your bandana flat. Then, wrap it lengthways many times into a long square. Lastly, tuck in any free corners and knot them around your head. To finish your look, pair your bandana with an informal and cool streetwear outfit.

Around the Wrist

Another easy yet fashionable way to dress a bandana is to wear and tie it around your wrist. Making the same will add a subtle dose of attitude to any outfit. Excellent for sharp informal looks, wearing a bandana around the wrist outlines an immediate rock star vibe.

As such, this appearance works best with striking prints and darker bandanas. For example, a black bandana with white scalps will look much more suitable than a traditional red style with a paisley pattern.

From the Waist

If you are searching for a crafty way to combine a bandana into an informal outfit, dressing it from your waist makes an attractive choice. When you wear a bandana near your face like around your neck or head, it directly becomes a charging accessory. But, when used under your waist, it can smoothly accent your outfit and give it a pop of color without looking overly bold.

Additionally, you may also notice wearing it from your waist much more convenient and easy. After the whole, all you require to do is tuck it into your belt, pocket, or waistband or knot it to a belt loop to add it.

it is a big three-sided or rectangular piece of cloth.
it is a big three-sided or rectangular piece of cloth.

How to Wear a Bandana: Women

Rock n Rolla

Match up a bright bandana for your shows, functions, and anywhere fun. The excellent accessory to all head heading to any beach party too. 

Charming Knot

Chuck the tedious half-tied hair, give the smooth locks a new dimension with an imprinted bandana in red. Pull it up with your stable short dresses or use it with denim to add a cute computation to your everyday appearance.

Go Retro

Bear in the vintage lure of any clothes with this easy paisley handkerchief. View suave with styled ruffles or flowing bangs. Team it up with an untidy bun, the best way to hold the hair off those arms yet look whimsical.

Ponytail Bandana

For a simple, pretty, and feminine look, knot a bandana to the ponytail forming a charming bow. This simple hairstyle needs a cute bandana and a stretchy, the handkerchief can be bound over the band for a neat look.

Turban Style

Get your look with a sharply printed bandana. Knot it the classical turban way for a smart, stylish yet chic charm. Put the makeup least but impactful, with glossy lips, swipe a colored liner. You can wear this style whether you have shorts or want to keep it off the scruff of your neck.

Uber Chic

A person that emits classiness needs a classy bandana like this too. Go ahead with uber chic and modern bandana with a fairly chic hairdo