How To Mute Someone On Instagram (4 Easiest Steps)

I always get annoyed by some people and search for how to mute someone on Instagram. There is always someone whose posts and stories irritate you a lot. However, it can be a colleague, a friend, or a family member. But, you also do not want to unfollow them, so *Instagram gives you the option to mute their content. Moreover, if you mute them, Insta does not notify them that you have muted them. This blog will provide you with a step-by-step guide to muting people on Instagram.

What is the “Mute” Feature on Insta

Muting someone is one of the best features of Instagram. If you guys are tired of seeing someone’s content on *Instagram, the mute feature becomes handy for us to mute people whose names drive us crazy. So, the mute feature helps us get rid of the person’s content and posts, and they won’t even know that you have muted them. It does not mean that you are unfollowing them. You can still see their posts by visiting their profiles. The process of muted is also easy and quick. Now, let’s learn how to mute people on *Instagram.

How to Mute Someone Stories & Posts on Instagram

In any case, you do not want to see any person’s posts or stories, and you cannot block them. So, Instagram’s feature mute will be handy for you. So here are some steps that help you mute people on Insta.

how to mute someone story on instagram
how to mute someone story on instagram
  • Go to the Instagram app on your Android and iPhone.
  • Then, select the profile of a person you want to mute by selecting their name in a feed or searching for them through the search bar.
  • After that, click on the ellipses in the top corner of the screen next to the username.
  • Next, the options will appear on yu r screen. Then, choose “Mute.”
  • Move the slider to the right of pots and stories to mute the person’s content. If your slider turns blue, you have muted the person’s content.

·         To Mute People *Instagram Posts

If you want to mute the posts of a person, So follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Instagram app on your smartphone, either apple or Android.
  • Then, once you have located a post on the feed by the person you want to mute, click on the ellipses right next to the username.
  • Next, options will appear on your screen to find the mute option. Tap on it.
  • Then, you will allow muting of their posts as well as stories. Click on the desired option.

·         To Mute People Instagram Stories

If someone’s stories drive you crazy, you do not want to see them. So here are some steps that help you mute the stories.

  • Open the *Instagram application and click on the profile of a person you want to mute.
  • Go into their profile, and a list of options will pop up on the screen, so choose the “Mute” option.
  • Then, you have successfully muted their stories. Now you will not be able to see their stories.

·         To Mute People’s Messages and Calls on *Instagram

If you want to mute someone’s calls and messages on *Instagram, here are some steps that might help you mute the messages and calls.

  • Go to the Instagram app and choose the Direct Message option in the right corner.
  • Then, click and hold the person’s chat you want to mute.
  • Two options will pop up on your screen from the slide-up menu, such as “Mute Messages” and “Mute Call Notification.” Then choose the preferred option.

Other Ways to Mute People On Instagram

If you do not like anyone, their stories make you irritated and annoyed, and you do not want to see their stories. In that case, you have various options by which you can not see their posts, and you will not receive any notifications of calls or messages from them. There are so many other ways to mute a person. You can also report them, block them, and change the general settings.

Mute someone’s messages from the general settings, so hold a user chat and go to general to automatically mute the messages. And you will not get any notification from that person.


People often get annoyed by irrelevant posts or continuous posting. So here, the *Instagram mute feature helps people mute a person’s profile, either their stories or posts. So, it will not pop up on your feed. But you can still see them if you want to by just going to their profile and other stuff. And they did not know that you could mute them. The mute feature of Insta has become helpful for us. The blog contains all the possible methods to mute someone on Instagram. If you have any queries concerning the article, comment below. We will reach you soon.