How To Get Rid of Flying Ants (Using 3 Quick Ways)

How to get rid of flying ants from home or anywhere? It is a billion-time question that many people ask. Fruit flies or houseflies are bad flies because they invade your house and spoil your food and worldly objects. You may have to fight with flying ants because it sounds like a nightmare when they are mating for breeding, but fortunately, these flies with wings are not dangerous. And controlling the fly’s population is easy to handle.

If you find out new flying ants in your home, it does not mean you are going to fight with them. Male flying ants are immediately dead after mating with queen flying ants. While female flying is live to produce the new colony of wings ants. If you worry about these ants and want to get them out, the article will help you more by using various ways to keep them out from the house.

What Are Flying Ants?

An ant that has reached sexual maturity is known as an alate or a flying ant. These ants fly from their colonies for the purpose of mating. During the warm days of spring and summer, they are typically at their most active. And this behaviour often leads to the formation of new colonies. The flying ant is not a distinct species of ant but rather one of many development phases common to all ant species.

Are Flying Ants Suddenly Appearing?

how to get rid of flying ants in wall cavity
how to get rid of flying ants in wall cavity

Getting away from flying ants should be the priority of every home because the flying ant’s purpose is to produce a new colony of ants. They are often large in groups because they are giving protection to their predators. You are likely to see them as they appear on their “nuptial” flight during the summer. Certainly, breeding is one of the main priorities of flies; they gravitate toward warmer seasons when temperatures, humidity, and wind conditions are suitable for them.

How To Get Rid of Flying Ants – 3 Quick Ways

There are various methods to kill the flying ants quickly because it spoils the house’s food and other materials. The food material that flies spoil keeps away from a child and cleans the food and other objects by following methods.

  1. Respond to the Immediate Issue (Spray, Pest & Vacuum)

Getting rid of swarms with a handheld or full-size vacuum with a hose attachment is quick. After vacuuming, you can remove the vacuum bag and get it out of the home. So flying ants would not come back inside the house. In addition, spray pesticides will also kill the flies, swarm flies, or invisible ants. But they cannot affect the hidden colonies. And colonies produce more flying ants that continue the breeding of ants.

You could try a natural pest treatment by combining dish soap and peppermint oil if you are worried about commercial pest treatment. You can spray ants and the surrounding area with a mixture of one part of liquid soap, two parts of water, and a few drops of oil. When the insect touches the soap, it becomes dehydrated, while peppermint suffocates them.

  1. Invade the Colony (Ant Bait & Insecticidal Dust)

how to get rid of flying ants outside
how to get rid of flying ants outside

You cannot keep your home rid of these flying ants unless you invade the fly’s colony where they are starting to breed or already start their breed. These colonies are the source of flies, and they can decrease by using ant bait. Ant bait is a sweet substance mixed with borax that ruptures the ant’s reproductive cycle. Having picked up the bait, the ants take it back to their nests, where it kills the entire colony.

The other killing side of ants is insecticidal dust injected into the area where the ants live with their swarms. This is the best solution handled by a professional. And it also requires that you have to pinpoint the exact ant colony location.

  1. Replacement of Damage Wood

The Winter season is the most likely season for flying ants breeding. And you will see wing ants in your home in the best season of ants. There is a strong feeling for a fly to get inside is the availability of carpenter wood. Or carpenter ant nest in your home and it is not easy to get rid of flying ants. It could be a serious issue because of termites; it damages the material of your home. Flying carpenters are larger than normal home ants because it is 1 inch long.

Carpenter ants can be dangerous, so it’s important to remove them. And replace any decaying wood in your home, which enables their colony to thrive. If the damage is extensive, this can sometimes be a very involved project that will need to be handled by a professional contractor. The decayed wood that carpenter ants nest in cannot be removed unless you have completely removed them.

What to Do to Prevent from Flying Ants?

The best way to get rid of flying ants from invading your home is to keep away food sources. Sweet or greasy oil fruit is attractive for flying ants. Ensure your floors and other objects are clean, and your food is stored in a container or refrigerator.

There is always the possibility of another swarm even if you think the ant problem has been treated. Make sure that cracks in the windows, baseboards, or walls are sealed to stop a possible second invasion. In addition, regularly inspecting or repairing the decaying wood to prevent carpenter ants is important to protect structural walls near the ground level. Especially when homes are constructed on slab foundations or in humid climates.


  1. Are flying ants stinging or biting?

Flying ants are focused on mating; they don’t care about sting orbiting. Technically, the mouth part of flies is used to biting, and in the warmer climate, a species of flying ant called hypoponera punctatissima stings the people.

  1. Are flying ants able to lose their wings?

Most species of ants produce reproductive in the spring and summer. The winged males and females leave their colonies to mate and find a new colony location. After mating, the males die, while the females disperse, shed their wings, and try to start new nests.

  1. Why are flying ants attracted to certain things?

Like most insects, the heat and light from bright lights could attract flying ants. You should use dark curtains during peak pest season and turn off the lights on the patio and yard when not in use.


Everyone wants to get rid of flying ants from their house as soon as possible. But it is not possible because the flies swarm came inside the house and started making the colonies. The new generation of flies would begin to grow. In addition, when the season of flies starts, you should have to spray in your house. Or inside the corner area of your house. If you found any flies in your house, go above the article section and read it to kill the flying ants.