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How To Clean Off Thermal Paste (Quick Heat Reducing Guide)

How to clean off thermal paste? Almost all computer insect users will know what thermal paste is? As you know, every PC generates overheat, which can be reduced by applying thermal paste. This overheating process causes performance problems and badly shortens the computer life span. And for the beginner, I’ll guide you briefly with the quickest steps.

The CPU thermal paste dried out quickly. And it needed to be replaced by time, which is an easy task like computer repairing. Make sure to take some precautions to avoid damaging the computer and yourself. Then after some time, it will be a matter of cleaning out the old thermal paste and applying a new waste accordingly.

Introduction Of Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a toothpaste type of material that is applied to reduce heat transfer between the CPU integrated heat spreader (IHS) and the heatsink. It eliminates the air gaps caused by microscopic imperfections that transfer between two places better. It fills the gap and creates a uniform heat spreader across the entire surface for efficient heat exchange from the CPU to its heatsink. This is a place where thermal paste material comes into contact with the layers.

How To Clean Thermal Paste Off CPU?

If you have a new machine, then you don’t need to remove the old paste; you can apply a new paste. Excepting this situation, having a working machine that requires thermal paste to overcome the heating flow of your PC. So, before beginning, make sure your PC cooler should be removed so that you can see thermal paste easily. And it’s generally white or Gray paste. So, continue reading for the *clean off the thermal paste instruction.

how to clean thermal paste off cpu pins
how to clean thermal paste off cpu pins

Ensure you have all the requiredmaterial for the cleaning off the paste, such as microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol 90%, cotton swabs, and a plastic spudger. Now you have all the requirements, so come to the next section.

  • In the beginning, Wipe the top of your CPU with the microfiber cloth to remove as much thermal paste as possible without causing any damage.
  • Dip the cotton swab into the 90% rubbing alcohol, then wipe the top of the CPU layer gently. Because it will help to break down the hardened thermal paste. Optionally, you may use a plastic spudger to remove the stubborn paste.
  • Again, clean the remaining and stubborn paste with the microfiber cloth, and as you know, the alcohol evaporates immediately on its own. So don’t worry about alcohol.
  • Repeat the process when your paste is old and remove it to control the heating up of the CPU machine.

How To Apply *Thermal Paste Inside the CPU?

First, make sure you have all the required equipment and then begin the process. Now you have a clean CPU and CPU cooler, so start to apply the thermal paste in a tiny pea form, not to apply over on it. Please don’t use it in an excessive quantity because it will be discarded.

Required Material:

Make sure you have a clean CPU installed in the motherboard socket, a clean CPU cooler, CPU *thermal paste, and a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

  • After you have installed your CPU into your motherboard, apply a small pea-sized drop of thermal paste to the centre of the CPU.
  • Apply top-down pressure while installing the CPU cooler. Initially, spreading the thermal paste before installing the cooler is unnecessary; the cooler’s pressure will evenly distribute the paste.
  • Install the cooler, then check the CPU’s edges for excess thermal paste. If you find any remaining paste material, wipe it away with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Is It Necessary to Replace Thermal Paste Regularly?

Not at all; it is not necessary to replace thermal waste on a daily basis or once every few years. When we talk about replacement, you should replace it when you need it to make your CPU cooler; accordingly, you can reapply the paste when you see the CPU temperature is increasing and you cannot control it.

If you doubt after applying thermal paste to clean off, contact the thermal paste manufacturer. And it could be the fault of thermal paste quality, which is according to the company. So make sure to use it, but quality matters a lot because it is mainly used in gaming computers compared to commercial ones.


Gamer’s PCs are easy to build, but they require some maintenance like overheating and some kind of repair. Thermal paste can sometimes affect the performance of your CPU, but most of the time, it does not. Therefore, you need a thermal paste to counteract the heat generated by your CPU. Additionally, you can follow the guide or material needed to clean off or apply thermal paste. The article will explain more about the regular replacement of paste and whether it’s necessary to do so once a week or not.