How Long Does a PS4 Controller Last (5 Useful Tips)

As we know, the PS4 comes with a brilliant system along with a fantastic wireless controller, the DualShock4. PS4 has the most recent exclusive games that entice us to spend a lot of time with it. The controllers are built with technology that allows them to last as long as possible. But most of the time, gamers face some kind of issue with their controllers over time, the controller’s battery life. So here in this guide, we will discuss how long a Play station 4controller lasts and some alternatives to avoid the issue.

Moreover, the battery life usually depends on how you are using the controller. The new PS4 controller’s battery lasts up to 8–12 hours of gameplay on a single charge. Do not be alarmed if you notice any problems with the battery. The life of a controller usually depends on its usage; hence, if you use a low-quality controller, it will not be durable.

How Long Does a PS4 Controller DualShock Last

PS4 Controller DualShock Last
PS4 Controller DualShock Last

The Play station 4 comes with a versatile controller and an amazing design. The controller has large buttons, a great direction pad, responsiveness, and triggers that amaze the players when using it casually. You can easily use it while playing independently or on a team. Hence, the controller will last for more years if you do not wipe out the controller’s circuit, so it totally depends on how you use it. But you will gradually notice that your controller’s lifespan is decreasing.

Moreover, the battery life of the DualShock lasts for 4 to 8 hours of play per charge. But here, the question arises: why does the battery die so quickly? So the answer is quite simple when it is set with a 1000mAH battery that is considerably smaller than the standard AA batteries used in the Xbox One gamepad. But if you want to assign it to a wired connection, you need to squeeze some life out of the Controller. So here we can share some tips that will help you make sure that you do not have to wait to play again and will increase the life of your controller.

Tips for Saving Your PS4 Controller Life

Tips for Saving Your PS4 Controller Life
Tips for Saving Your PS4 Controller Life

As we know, controllers need regular charging, but there are some ways to increase the life of a controller. Now let’s discuss some of the guidelines.

1)     Modify Your Controller Shutoff Time

We cannot use PS4 for just gaming purposes. We also use it to watch movies on different platforms, so we do not need to be on the DualShock for the whole time. You have to keep your Dualshock 4 powered off when using it for other purposes. To make the controller’s lifespan long, do not switch it on unnecessarily.

You can find the settings on the system menu by holding the PS button in the controller’s center. So here, you can quickly set the delay without exiting the existing game. You can also adjust the time before your controller automatically shuts off by opening the Play station 4 settings menu and choosing the power save settings. You have to choose the set time until the controllers turn off. So here, you will see different options for automatically switching off the console itself or entering a rest mode.

2)     Dim the Light Bar Of Your PS4 Controller

The most innovative feature of the Dualshock 4 is the front-facing “light bar” that will change its colors in particular games and offers the PS camera to track the controller for registering players and VR games. While it is not possible to turn off the light completely, So you have the option to dim the light from the quick menu. Choose the sound/devices and brightness of the controller lightbar, and then you will see the 3 different settings: bright, medium, and dim. So it is automatically set on bright, but now you can change it to dim.

3)     Decrease your Controller Speaker Volume & Turn off Vibration

The controller consists of speakers, making noise much louder than needed and drains the battery life. Moreover, the vibration in the controller takes up much of the battery. So you have to turn it off when you don’t need the vibration for gaming.

To turn off the sound and vibration, you have to go to the quick menu and choose Devices. Here you will see the volume control speaker. Then, choose the reduced volume for more battery power efficiency.

4)     Carry On Spare Controller

Ultimately, you will get occupied in an online shooter game, and your controller life will begin to fall. So it will disturb you as you have to pause the game. In this case, you have to keep the extra controller to avoid inconvenience in the game. Moreover, if you purchased the extra controller of PS4, then connect it to your console. With the included cable and permit to charge while using the other controller.

So you can also put your controller into the rest mode, turn it off entirely, and then go back to the power save mode setting menu. Next, select the set features that are available in the rest mode. So here, you will find the option to supply power to USB ports and allow the controller to charge continuously.

5)     Don’t be Afraid to Top it off, When in Doubt

Even if your controller still has some bars on the indicator, it is best to charge it fully. The DualShock 4 uses this kind of battery. You can charge it anytime without worrying that you will destroy the battery life. To get the accurate battery life indicator, you have to drain your battery about every 30 charges.


The life of any console depends on its quality and its usage, so if you use a low-quality controller, it may be cheaper but not durable for a long time. However, the Playstation comes with an amazing system and with the best DualShock 4 controller with fantastic battery life. But again, we are saying that it totally depends on your way of using the controller. Moreover, we have covered some tips that might help you increase the life of your PS4 controller.