Try Daisy Keech Ab Workout to Remain Fit

If you are looking for a free abdominal exercise to include in your routine, then the daisy keech ab workout will be best for you to train your abs, create a more muscular core or build six-pack abs by following Daisy Keech’s workout. So don’t worry, here we will explain to you about the famous model daisy Keech’s exercises to fit yourself. Daisy keech is a model who possesses a physique that makes every model jealous. Hence, the overall character of the daisy keech is enough to pressure countless of her followers on social media platform handles. If we talk about exercise, It’s just a seven-move routine that takes 8 minutes. So if you need a physique that attracts all, here will cover it for you—a complete handy workout routine of Daisy keech.

Who is Daisy Keech?

Daisy Keech is a fitness model, TikTok, and social media influencer. She has 3.1 million subscribers on Instagram and 3.3 million subscribers on Tiktok. She is already renowned for founding Hype House, a Los Angeles group of kids who often make TikToks. But, later on, she leaves the house and quits it. Moreover, she is already popular as a fitness model, and her bio says that she is the “first certified Genuine booty.” Now let’s learn about her workout.

What do you mean By Daisy Keech Ab workout?

Hence, Daisy Keech is a super fitness model and an influencer with a beautiful body that is fit and makes others jealous. Moreover, her training is utterly responsible for her physical outlook, as her booty is the highest feature of her entire figure, and it looks perfect on her athletic body. It is just an eight-minute exercise that does not need any tools and can be done anywhere. So it will be convenient to fit the Daisy workout routine into a busy schedule. Now let’s delve into the Daisy Hourglass workout.

The Glass Workout Routine of Daisy Keech

There are multiple videos of workouts that she uploaded on her youtube channel. If you want to skip the videos, you can read the exercise steps, so here we go.

daisy Keech ab workout
daisy Keech ab workout

Start Daisy Keech Ab Workout With  Crucial Crunches

It comes first, so start by lying on your back flat on the bottom with your lower back. After that, Keech crosses her legs and lifts her legs to a tabletop position for crunches during the training. Then, connect your core muscles and crunch your whole body towards your knees with the help of your hands on each side of your head. Then rest for 15 seconds.

Bicycle Kicks for a Minute

Then you have to lie on the floor with your back flat on the bottom to do a bicycle kick. So raise your shoulders off the ground and put your hands close to your head. Next, you have to lift your legs off the ground by twisting your knees. When you extend your left leg, bring your knee to your chest as your right knee gets up, then turn your Torso so your left elbow will meet your right knee. Then the exact steps you have to repeat for the other side. Ensure that your legs and shoulders stay off the ground for the exercise duration. Then rest for 15 minutes before starting another step.

 Jack Knives For A Minute & 15 Per Side

This daisy keech workout is pretty similar to a toe touch except for your lower body and stretching your arms at the back of your head between each contact and then keeping your neck off the floor. Start it by laying down on your back. Then hold your abs to raise your arms and legs as if you were trying to touch your toes, with your stretched arms behind your head and your legs away a few inches from the ground. Then, grasp it for an instant before returning to the starting position.

Russian Twist in a Daisy Keech Ab workout

Now, you have to sit on the ground with your knees bent to start the exercise. Then, keep your back straight, tilt your back, and raise your legs off the floor. Next, you have to twirl to one side as far as possible, devoid of hitting the ground, and then twist to the other side.

Toe Taps For a Minute

It is the traditional Pilates exercise that targets the recuts and slanting abdominals. Start by placing your legs in the stance of the tabletop. Then lower your right foot and strike your toe on the ground while engaging your core and keeping your knee twisted. Then again, repeat the steps for the other sides.

Bicycle Crunches For a Minute

In this daisy keech workout, You have to lie on your back, bend one leg, and place the other foot against your knee. Then, with your legs, create a 90-degree angle. To get in touch with the bent knee, crunch the different elbow in and carry out 15 repetitions on both sides, or you can also do it for 30 seconds on each side.

Scissors Kick Exercise in A Daisy Keech ab Workout

It is carried out by lifting your legs to a 45-degree angle while keeping your lower back flat on the floor. Then, kick your legs out to the side while appealing to your core, and then swap your leg.

Reverse the Crunch For A Minute

Again, you have to lie on your back with your legs in a tabletop posture to carry out a reverse crunch. Then, grab your core and inhale to lift your hips off the ground and your legs back up over the chest. Next, you have to breathe out to return to your starting posture.

Butterfly Kicks For a Minute

To implement the butterfly kick exercise, you have to lie down with your back to the ground and your arms by your sides. Then, lift your legs to the top limit and drop them to form the angle of 45-degree with the floor. Next, kick your legs up & down as if it were like swimming but keep the action small.

Final Words

The blog contains all the details about the Daisy Keech ab workout routine that you must have to add to your routine. If you become consistent with the workout, you will feel significant changes in your body. Moreover, it is not a lengthy exercise. It is just a series of nine ab exercises that can be performed in 10 minutes, one minute for each exercise. Hence, try this workout as it is homemade, and you do not have to go anywhere to perform it.