Chicago SEO Company Reveals Sony And Microsoft Strategies

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If you have ever thought about how the major companies in the world use search engine optimization to their advantage, it’s not that different from what individual website owners will do as they are trying to rank in the search engines. However, due to having a much larger budget to work with, they can acquire the services of SEO experts that are at the top of their field. They can monitor trends, changes, and make modifications to the strategies that they are using to reach the top of the search engines.

It Basic Overview Of How SEO Works

The first thing that you need to understand is that search engine optimization is a conglomeration of different strategies. They fall into two separate categories which include on-site and off-site optimization techniques. On-site optimization focuses on the website itself, making sure that it is very easy to index in the search engines. Off-site optimization is called link building, a series of strategies designed to get backlinks from many different websites across the Internet. The combination of both of the strategies, when working together, can help generate hundreds or thousands of top positions on the search engines which amounts to thousands of visitors every day going to these websites. The big companies use these same strategies, but there have been some changes in recent years that these larger companies are using to improve their overall positioning. Let’s take a look at what these SEO strategies are, and how you might want to consider implementing these same techniques when you are optimizing your websites.

Sony And Microsoft Search Engine Optimization

There are two specific strategies that these larger companies will use that are much easier when you do have a lot of money or capital to work with. First, they are going to use social media websites like Facebook to generate quite a bit of interest in the products that they are selling. Many of the larger sites have tens of thousands of followers, sometimes millions, that are going to see every post that they make. Instead of having to pay for PPC advertising, by simply making a post, and building their followers every day, they can generate a substantial amount of traffic. The second strategy that they use is video marketing which is arguably one of the best ways to do search engine optimization. They will create a series of videos that may pertain to individual topics, or they may present a series of videos discussing a topic of interest. These major players have teams of people that can create what will amount to viral videos that are uploaded and shared across the Internet. It is this combination of video marketing and social media marketing that companies like Sony and Microsoft are using to improve their search engine positions. The links that they add to their social media posts, and also their videos, can help boost their positions on the search engines.

These are strategies that individuals or small companies can also use. The main difference is that you do not have access to hundreds of people that can consistently make posts on social media, or create thousands of videos every month, that are uploaded and indexed on the Internet. Even if you can build a Facebook page with a few thousand visitors, or if you have the ability to create five or ten videos every day, you can begin to see similar but smaller results that companies like Sony and Microsoft can achieve. These are two of the best additions to SEO marketing that have reached a high level of prominence, especially with these larger corporations.

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