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Way Of The Samurai 4 Release Date Announced For PS3

By Tony Polanco Thu, August 02, 2012 - 8:26:06

Way of the Samurai 4

Xseed Games has announced the release date for the Playstation 3 exclusive, Way of the Samurai 4. The game will be available as a digital download from the Playstation store on August 21st and will cost $39.99.

Way of the Samurai 4 is an open world action game that is set in post isolationist Japan. Players will take control of a masterless Samurai (Ronin) who has to align himself with one of three factions; the shogunate pro-governmental forces, the nationalistic isolationists and the growing foreign powers. Decisions made during the course of the game will affect how the story evolves. There are ten possible endings available.

Gamers will be able to customize their character however they see fit, and can have that character do a variety of things like completing main and side missions, shop for clothes or engage in battles with other Samurai. You can upload or download created characters that will be in your game or other player’s games as an NPC which can be challenged. If these characters are defeated their equipment becomes spoils for the victor.

Like the last two Yakuza games, Way of the Samurai 4 will have English subtitles only.


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