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Wake-Up Club Review

By Michael Crawford Mon, January 28, 2013 - 4:45:30



From the creators behind Welcome Park and Treasure Park comes Wake-Up Club. Wake-up Club is a free alarm clock application for PlayStation Vita that allows players to compete against each other in a short mini-game to determine who can wake up faster. Sounds dumb huh? I said the same thing especially when I saw the trailer, the whole idea behind is rather extremely weird when thought about. But I don’t judge anything anymore honestly and you can never go wrong with free.


Now this review is going to be done in kind of a different direction because this is a game but it’s a clock app first, mini game second with that being said there really isn’t any gameplay section in this app. But I will go into a bit more detail with the pictures below.

The picture above shows your alarm list and as the two pictures shown above it, in there top left hand corner of the screen it show which next alarm will ring. You can have up to six different alarm times set, with their own unique ring from the fourteen different alarm sounds to choose from.


As seen above this action takes place once your alarm goes off. This can happen even when the Ps Vita is in sleep mode/stand by mode (It will not work if completely off) By Tapping your PSN avatar you stop the alarm in get sent to another screen.

This screen is the screen you will see after you end your alarm and it is filled with PSN users who have set their alarms at the same given time and have woken up. Once everyone in the group has woken up the game is won. But if someone oversleeps (which means not pressing their avatar within 5 minutes) the game is lost.

Like said once everyone is awake the game is won, it will rank you on a scoreboard on what place you score when it came to who enter the Wake-Up Club section first.


In Game Wake-Up Club keeps a record of certain stats


While at the Live Area of your Ps Vita you can see the same stats Wake-up Club keeps statistics on how well players wake up including the following below

Days Used
Early Risings in a Row
Times Overslept (5 min)
Total Players Woken Up With
Total Times Cheering Others
Total Times Been Cheered
Average Time Taken to Wake Up
First Place Finishes
Last Place Finishes



Many of the themes and backgrounds are based on other PlayStation games some of an Analog version (with Clock hands) and Digital (with Digits)

PlayStation Vita (Analog)
PlayStation Vita (Digital)
LCD Digital Clock
Gears Clock
Gravity Rush
Escape Plan
MotorStorm RC (Analog)
MotorStorm RC (Digital)
Wake-up Club (Analog)
Wake-up Club (Digital)
Tokyo Jungle (Analog)
Tokyo Jungle (Digital)
No Heroes Allowed!
Journey 1 (Analog)
Journey 2 (Analog)
Journey (Digital)

The Timer Application

Along side with being an Alarm Clock is also comes with a Timer option when you can set a given time and have it count down.

Final Thoughts

My first Impressions of this application was fair from good, I thought this was the dumbest idea since.. let me not throw anything idea under the bus but I didn’t like what I saw. But I heard there were trophies.. and well all know how this story goes. My point is I ended up like this application a lot more than I originally intend sure it doesn’t have a platinum hell it doesn’t even have over 15 trophies but that’s ok because I know even after I get 100%, I will still be using this application for the lone fact that I always need multiple alarms to wake me up in the morning. I have My cell phone’s alarm application, my watch, and a traditional alarm clock. My watch is always in a weird spot where I can’t hear it, my cell sometimes dies in the middle of the night and my traditional alarm clock just recently broke. My Ps Vita is my primary mobile device above my phone (most people can’t say that) and as my primary device this is a perfect application for someone like me.

+ Soothing Wake Up Club Music (nothing majorly annoying or something that gives you a heart attack like a traditional alarm clocks’s ring or a watch) 
+ Customize your Clock Interface with cool Playstation inspired backgrounds
+ Timer Mini Application

- You should be able to set more than just six alarms (at least seven for one day of the week) I would have prefer the maximum of twelve
- Every Single Background has an extremely bright color which isn’t pleasing the someone’s eyes just waking up.

Japanese Trailer

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