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The Walking Dead “I Ain’t A Judas” Review

By Tony Polanco Sun, February 24, 2013 - 10:00:39

The Walking Dead Season 3


Last week, the Governor attacked the prison where Rick and his group reside. This was more of a psychological attack—meant to strike fear into his enemies’ hearts. Now that the Governor feels he is at an advantage, he is preparing all of Woodbury’s able bodied residents for a full on war with the prison group. As this is happening, Andrea sneaks out of Woodbury to visit her old friends but upon arrival, doesn’t receive the welcome she expected.

After what happened last week, the show had to slow things down a bit. There wasn’t a big action sequence like the prison attack but it was still a necessary episode to get things going. The biggest thing that happened was of course, Andrea visiting the prison group. This was something that audiences have been waiting to see for a while. A lot has happened since last season when Andrea was last with everyone so things have understandably changed. With the exception of Carol, no one really trusts Andrea anymore; especially Michonne who feels betrayed by Andrea for not leaving Woodbury with her.

A few other interesting things happened as well. The Governor now wants everyone who can wield a gun to train for whatever he has planned for the prison. Does he plan to invade or just have everyone prepare to defend against another attack? He never says what his ultimate goal is but I suspect he wants to kill everyone in the prison as Merle believes.

The Walking Dead Season 3

Speaking of Merle, he is now a full on member of Rick’s group, much to the chagrin of Glen and Maggie. Hershel, who seems to be the only person making sense this season agrees that Merle should stay with the group because of his military training. Merle is still a wild card but if Daryl can manage to keep his brother in line then he should be a great asset to the group. Let’s not forgot that Tyrese and his group are now residents of Woodbury. Tyrese’s one and only encounter with Rick ended with Rick shoving a gun in his face so he is willing to fight against Rick if he needs to. This may seem messed up at first but I understand where Tyrese is coming from. He wants to protect his group so if that means fighting Rick so that he can stay in Woodbury then so be it.

At the end of the episode, Rick decides that the Governor needs to be eliminated so he takes Michonne and his son Carl to do the deed. After what happened the last time they invaded Woodbury, Rick’s chances don’t entirely look too good. Perhaps his crazy spell has passed and he now knows exactly what needs to be done but I’m not so sure. Woodbury is expecting an attack from Rick’s group so I don’t see how this plan to sneak into the town (if that is indeed the plan) will work out favorably for our protagonists. Maybe Rick is expecting Andrea to help out somehow but seeing as how she didn’t kill the Governor after sleeping with him as Carol suggested, I believe that Andrea isn’t going to be much help.

Things are NOT looking good for Rick and his people. Things were bad before but they’ve somehow gotten worse. Perhaps it’s time for Rick to take his son’s advice and let someone else take over as team leader. Rick may have been a great leader before but he’s on the verge of completely losing his mind and this latest venture to kill the Governor can only end in disaster.

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