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The Ps3 deserves one more major update

By Michael Crawford Thu, January 16, 2014 - 7:59:00


The Playstation 3 has come a long way since it was release back in November 2006. If you were one of those people back in the day that paid $599 for what the Ps3, it was highly debatable whether any of the features or games were worth the price. It really was not until around 2008 when it seemed Sony started to take the Ps3 more seriously when it came to features. This was also around the time some might say where the games started to actually kick off also with Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2. 2008 was the year where In Game XMB came was allowed and Ps3 users could now actually check their PSN Messages without leaving their current games. Custom soundtracks made it’s way to the table (But that was up to developers to actually enable it) and also Trophy Support. A lot of things where looking good for the PlayStation 3, the flow and consistency when it came to games after 2009 was satisfying even still to this day. But as far as updates to the console itself, 2008 had the most and every year after that you can’t really remember anything worth stating, just stability update after stability update basically (and some of these so called “stability updates” still brick people’s consoles to this day).



The PlayStation 3’s glory days are definitely behind us, it’s successors the Playstation 4 and Ps Vita have been out for a while now it’s fair to say the as far as updates are concern the Ps3 is lacking when compared to them. Obviously it’s going to be inferior to the Ps4 and Vita when it comes to features came out back in 2006! BUT, I still think some work can be done to the PlayStation 3 (as far as features are concern) to make it relevant and comfortable for the gamers that have not made the jump next generation for various reasons.
1) Some people want to finish their Ps3 backlog before they even touch a Ps4
2) Some people just can’t afford a next gen console at this moment
3) Even if they can afford it Ps4s aren’t just sitting on shelves waiting to be bought
4) The library of games on the Ps4 isn’t anything to brag about and some people are willing to wait until it is
5) Cautious gamers aren’t willing to take that chance of getting a faulty next gen console
6) Some people aren’t willing to deal with the next gen bugs within the firmware that the Ps4 is in right now


Also did you know?
Almost half of the people who own a PlayStation 4 are still turning on their Ps3s just because Ps3 is still pushing out new games.



My point is just because the PlayStation 4 is out does not mean people (even with Ps4s) aren’t turning on their Ps3s to play them regardless of the reason. We can give Sony credit for juggling multiple PlayStation hardware and making them co-exist with each other. Nintendo’s done it, and so has Microsoft, but this will be the 3rd time Sony will be juggling three PlayStation related hardware at the same time. The issue we have now is that at the current firmware update the PlayStation 3 is at, it barely knows what a Ps Vita and PS4 is. (What do I mean by that?) Well since the Ps Vita has been released the Ps3 has gotten about 1-3 updates that were Ps Vita related. Ps3 and Vita co-existing with each other is just a bit mediocre, when you are signed in with the Ps Vita the Ps3 has no clue of that (same thing goes with Ps4). Sure you can send messages from the Ps3 to the Vita and Ps4 but there is indeed a difference on the way certain things work which could easily be solve via a firmware update.




PlayStation 3 stores all of your message on the console
This is a good thing and a bad thing

The reason why it’s a bad thing is that unlike the Ps3 the Ps4, Ps Vita and Ps Mobile App all use a hidden message cloud which allows them to mark off when a message is read on one or the other it also uses this cloud to distributed a messages to each of the devices (even Ps3 to an extent). Granted sometimes you still get the notification on the other devices about receiving a new message even though you’ve probably already read that message on another PlayStation device but the problem is a that when it comes to the PlayStation 3 there’s an issue. Let’s say you are a Ps4, Ps3, Ps Vita owner and also have the Ps Mobile app, let’s also say you have not touched you Ps3 in a while (about a week and a half maybe you were so busy on your Vita or Ps4). When you finally turn that PlayStation 3 on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE MESSAGES you received on either your Ps4 or Vita after you turned it off your Ps3 will hit you like a pile of bricks all unread. I myself do not like to see an unread message on any of my devices or consoles so I will take the time to make sure that unread icon at the top right of my XMB is not visible. This can be a pain for any multi-console PlayStation owner than maybe in the same boat as me, now I’m not saying make the Ps3 work like how the other ones do but at least give us a “Mark all as read” option. Even I myself turn on my Ps3 from time to time because I too also have a major backlog on the Ps3 that was remained unfinished. And this is the first many things bother me about the Ps3 when I turn it on.

Now the reason this is a good thing is that if you receive a certain amount of messages (unread or not) this unseen cloud used to distributed the messages between the Ps4, Ps Vita and Ps Mobile app is going to start deleting them after a certain capacity is reached. This means if you actually decided to go on a vacation and did not check your PSN messages for a while or you just happen to be that popular of a person within your PSN friends list and receive a lot of message via psn, there will be messages this cloud will delete whether you’ve read it or not. Notice how when it comes to your messages on Ps4 it will sometimes take even longer than your Ps3 to load them all. This is because it’s not really saving them anywhere on the Ps4 it’s technically just streaming you a clouded message box to your system (Don’t believe me? Sign out of PSN then try to check your messages on Ps4, on Ps3 you are able to check read and unread message if signed out of PSN, hell even the Vita saves a certain amount of messages to it’s memory not to the extent of your Ps3 though). The amount of data would take to store messages on your Ps4 is so minuscule that it’s not worth even complaining about (even a generation’s worth of messages). 



Here is a list of things (I don’t think) I know Sony can add to the PlayStation 3 via a firmware update to make the system a better console.

1) The Ability to mark unread messages as read
Like said before this is a issue that all PlayStation devices suffer from and needs to be resolved, especially on Ps3

2) Ability to see Ps4 and Ps Vita friends online and what they are playing while viewing your friends list on Ps3
This started to be a problem when the Vita came out, I thought it was going to be fixed on the Ps3 within a month of the Vita’s release (Never happened). Then I thought when the Ps4 was upon us we would get an update to see Ps4 users since it’s the same issue (Nope, no bragging to your last gen friends via the PSN friends list about how you have a Ps4 or Vita, all they will see is you at the bottom of their friends list with your avatar icon trying to load.)

3) Full Dualshock 4 Compatibility
Forward compatibility would be a nice addition to the Ps3, the Dualshock 4 already works with the Ps3 if you plug it in via usb but there really should be an patched added to enable full Dualshock 4 support. To the point where wireless works and so does rumble at least, obviously the touchpad shouldn’t be enabled but to the two major ones should. I bet this would also sell more Dualshock 4s because if that was this was the cause many Ps3 gamers would buy a Dualshock 4 to game on primarily on their Ps3 until they got a Ps4 (Please tell me I’m not the only one that wanted to use their Dualshock 4 wirelessly with my Ps3).

4) The Ability to listen and respond to Voice Messages and view Screenshots sent from either Ps4, Ps Vita or the Ps Mobile app
This one isn’t really needed but it’s not impossible add via a firmware update (like another certain feature)

The above are the some of the features I think the Ps3 deserves to have as a final major update addition in order to comfortably co-exist with it’s successors. This would also make the Ps3 gamers (and Ps4 gamers that turn on their Ps3 to play the last gen exclusive games) satisfied with where the Ps3 is at firmware wise.

What type of addition to you think the Ps3 should have that would help it co-exist with the Ps4 and Ps Vita?

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