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The Intro Of Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0 Is 6 Minutes And 40 Seconds Of Pure Awesome.

By Tony Polanco Fri, November 16, 2012 - 8:26:23

NGE 3.0 Intro


Here is a subbed version of the trailer. Hit the CC button on the lower right hand side for subs.


Good news and bad news. The bad news is that even though Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo premiered in movie theaters today…it was only in Japan. The good news is that we can watch the opening scene of it thanks to the ol’ innernets.

It’s hard to make out what’s happening here since it’s all in Japanese but we can deduce a few things.

Minor spoilers

First off, this has to take place sometime after the shocking conclusion to Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. Asuka and Mari seem fully recovered after the beating they both took last time. Also Kowaru is now on Earth itself and not the Moon. There’s no way of knowing how long after 2.0 this movie takes place but it can’t be more than a few weeks at most.

The other and more obvious thing is that Unit 02 and a brand new Evangelion are sent into orbit to battle an Angel. The Angel must be a big enough threat that it can’t be allowed to reach the planet’s surface.

Spoilers over

All of this is speculation on my part and we’ll have to wait until this movie is subtitled to really understand what is happening.

No word yet on when we’ll get Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo stateside but I’m guessing that it will be next year. Just from this intro we can tell that this movie is going to be incredible. 2.0 quickly made it into the ranks of my all-time favorite anime (I haven’t had a new entry in YEARS) so I’m definitely looking forward to 3.0 and of course 4.0.


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