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Soul Sacrifice Demo Impressions

By Michael Crawford Thu, April 18, 2013 - 10:05:09

Soul Sacrifice

So yesterday on the PS Vita Store Soul Sacrifice was released better late than never I guess Sony. The PlayStation Store getting it’s content for the week had no effect on what I thought of this game. I played the Demo all yesterday analyzing exactly why this game is called Soul Sacrifice.

Soul Sacrifice (ソウル・サクリファイス! pronounced Souru Sakurifaisu!) is an action role-playing video game developed by Marvelous AQL and Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. The game starts off telling a story of with slave that serves a powerful and cruel sorcerer. Now I’m not going to go in depth when it comes to the story I will save that for the review this is just my first impressions on what I though of this demo that was provided for us.



What was said

Advertised before we got our hands on the Demo it was said they we would be able to play the first Chapter and move our created and leveled up Demo Character from the Demo to the Full Game. I love it when a demo allows you to do this because they give you motivation to continuously play the demo to at least reach the strongest you possibly can in the demo. It was also state that this Demo enabled it’s 4 Player Co-op Mode which is another great reason to download the demo.


What it was

Like said as far as they advertise you can play the first Chapter of the game, well in terms of the Demo it names each Stage you beat a Chapter and there are about 6 stages to play through. This was probably a translation error, but none the less it far more replay value I have ever gotten out of a Demo this generation.
The game’s controls are quite smooth, it’s not as slow as Monster Hunter but not as fast pace as Ragnarok Odyssey it’s right in between. They also said there was 4 player online co-op although this is true you must finish the first 6 stages (not including the introduction stage). In order to actually enable online play and as far as I know after those 6 stages there are 4 more stage trials which can be played online the 6 previous stages although are single player only.


The Gameplay/Combat

The melee and combat system is NOT deep just to let you know right here. It’s not Devil May Cry, hell it’s not even Ragnarok Odyssey when it comes to combos, but that’s not what this game is about. So if that’s what you were expecting, you better go watch some gameplay and change your expectations buddy because this game ain’t bout that life. Speaking of life, once you get an enemy mortally wound you have two options, you can either Save or Sacrifice an enemy, this feature works rather well when it comes to online play. Saving someone increases your HP and Defense while Sacrificing someone increases your Attack and Magic. The amount of moves you can choose from are quite a lot and that’s how it should be but unless you freeze some one with the power of ice your not going to be chaining any spells together.


My Online Experience

After playing through the Demo’s 1st six stages and unlocking Online Play I hopped into a lobby ready to see how it would work, super excited to get in some online play but..


Of course this brought my hopes down quite a bit but not enough to not try again. Obviously a minor issue since the lobby after that I was able to get in. First couple of online matches I got is were smooth, lag free, frame rate drop-less and most importantly fun. Like mentioned earlier the Saving and Sacrificing mechanic works rather wonderfully online. It really can set a temporary create tension/conflict or a friendship between you and a random online player depending on if they revived you or sacrificed you (with out your permission).



Final Impressions

The game in my opinion is pretty good the main thing that bothered me were the size of exploration like’s like an arena for every single stage. Some people didn’t like the fact that your moves and spells are limited. I was a bit annoyed by it also, but the game I think was going for the feel that you can’t waste your spells so carelessly because you are indeed limited which is were the sacrificial moves and sacrificing your team mates come in when you waste out of options. The only way to refill your spells is to find certain refill spots around the arena area like a tree or an open chest. It’s good that they allow you to refill your moves but when it comes to multiplayer the re-spawn time on being able to recharge your spells at the areas are quite long. Other than that I enjoyed the demo a lot and I still have some things I want to do in the game seeing that your progress moves to the full game.  See you when the full game comes out!

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