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Sony And Microsoft’s Next Generation Racers Leaked

By Torrence Davis Tue, February 05, 2013 - 6:33:48

There’s been a ton of info thrown around about Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles.  Nothing is concrete and it’s all speculation.  We won’t know anything official until Sony’s event on February 20th and Microsoft’s inevitable unveiling at E3.  I received some inside info last week and took the time to do some more digging.  This info I’m about to give you could change at any time so take it with a grain of salt until February 20th.

Everyone should know by now that the elite team of Bizarre developers was split up after being closed by Activision.  Ged Talbot, beastly lead designer of Blur and several PGR games, along with a few other ex-Bizarre members have been scooped up by Evolution Studios.  If you’ve put 2 and 2 together you can guess that Ged is now a member of the same team that brought you the Motorstrom series.  Wait, it gets deeper.  Several members of Studio Liverpool have also joined the team and they are working on a new next gen racer for Sony’s Playstation 4.  The game is supposed to be similar in style to PGR.  They wanted to make it part of the Gran Turismo series a la Forza Horizon, but Japan nipped that in the bud.  Evolution Studios is now composed of some of the best racing developers in the industry with Ged Talbot at the helm.  If you played any of their games, especially Blur, you know these guys put in work.  Internally they are calling it Europe’s biggest racing game in a decade. 

The next exciting bit I found out about this new mystery racing game is that it will be shown on February 20th at Sony’s Playstation event, along with another next gen shocker from Guerrilla Games.

So what’s going on in Microsoft’s camp?  Apparently, ex-Bizarre and Criterion developers are working on a next generation PGR5 game for the next Xbox.  As you already may know, the ex-Bizarre developers formed Lucid games and are located in Liverpool.  They are taking the existing PGR code base and upgrading it for the next generation Xbox. 

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.  My source tells me that both Sony and Microsoft are aiming to have these exclusive racing games ready for launch.  We will have more information posted tonight, so stay frosty!

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