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Pre-order Battlefield 4 Today For Only $48

By OOG Sun, March 31, 2013 - 3:37:13

Well it’s official people, we can now start pre-ordering BF4. Currently on Green Man Gaming you can pre-order BF4 for only $48. This could be a good time for people to cash in some of their GMG store credit they have built up over recent purchases such as the Bioschock Infinite deal 2 weeks ago. If you would like to take advantage of this deal all you need to do is go here and pre-order the game and at the checkout enter promo code: GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD.

Personally I would say hold off and wait until the game is closer to release due to the fact that GMG tends to have some pretty awesome deals and it’s not like a digital download is going to be sold out when the game gets closer to launch. If you have not seen the BF4 trailer I have it linked below, enjoy its awesomeness!

Happy Gaming!

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