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Playstation All Stars Battle Royale PS Vita βeta Impressions

By Michael Crawford Sun, September 30, 2012 - 3:17:01

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale PS Vita βeta Impressions

This the second beta for Playstation All Stars for the PS3 and the first beta for the PS Vita. This second beta was created for the sole purpose of testing out the connectivity between the PS3 version and the Vita version via cross-platform play. The beta just ended a couple of days ago and hopefully it accomplished what Super Bot Entertainment wanted.


The differences between this build and the previous one:

The first difference you’ll notice is that the main menu music has been changed and it sounds a lot more fitting. On the PS3 version, you go the the Start Menu straight to the character selection but on the PS Vita version you get more options like Solo Play, Online, Versus, Progression and Option. Although tapping on any of these options will just lead to it saying “Thank You for touching me. I’m not quite ready to play yet, try again later.” It’s still cool to see what options they are deciding on putting in the final build. Another difference is that there is one less stage and one less character from the previous beta. Sandover Village (the Jak and Daxter stage) and Sly Cooper have been removed.



Will the PS Vita version be relevant to play if you had to choose?

If you buy the Playstation 3 version you get the PS Vita version for free and you’ll have two versions to play. However, you can only play on one of them since there isn’t two of you. Is the PS Vita version even worth playing especially since I have the PS3 version right here? To be honest, it does feel easier to play on the PS3 just because you may be more comfortable playing with a Dualshock 3 in your hand rather than a Vita. Unless this game is also compatible with that new cross controller feature that just came out, it’s all up to you. Since the Vita does not have an R2 and L2, a lot of people wonder what your special attack and taunting buttons are. On the Vita there are three ways to pull off your special and one way to taunt. For special attacks either press L1 + R1 at the same time, press all the shape buttons at the same time or swipe the front touch pad’s right side of the screen from left to right. To use your taunt you have to swipe the front touch pad’s left side of the screen from right to left. I think these ways of using touch could have been arranged better and as far as I know they didn’t even use the rear touch panel.



Why was Sly Cooper been removed from this beta?

Sly Cooper was removed from this version for various reasons. One being that he is the only character that is unable to block in exchange of invisibility and a super jump. It made him unique and fun to use but he had many other attacks like Forward Triangle that were just too overpowered. And the fact that his Level 3 Special where he summons the Binocucom was broken at times not in terms of balance but in terms of technical issues. They could have at least given use of Jak and Daxter since he was already in the Gamestop Demo.



Final Impressions

This short PS Vita beta definitely showed me that it’s not a waste of time playing PSASBR on the Vita when it comes out. Granted the beta did have some bugs it needs to get fixed like not being able to pull off a special attack when wanted, but I’m sure little glitches like that have already been fixed. One of the best things I liked about it was that since every PS Vita has a built in mic, no one really has an excuse to not be talking during a match and surprisingly 50% of the matches that I was in, someone was talking which was cool since it made the game feel more alive. Lastly with the PS Vita’s ability to use party chat (cross game chat) I can see myself playing this version of PSASBR just as much or maybe even more than the PS3 version. 

There is supposed to be one more beta for this game for Playstation Plus Subscribers so keep a look out for it.

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