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PlayStation 4 — Voice Messaging Confirmed

By kelz_dunks4life Sun, September 08, 2013 - 5:10:00

Last month, during Sony’s presentation at Gamescon, Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida had unveiled the User Interface of the PlayStation 4.  While the demo was impressive, there was something that people may have missed that should catch your attention. 

Evidence [Thanks Rikuson1!] | Voice Messaging Note, Messaging Tab — PSN

Rikuson1 of STFUandPlay was able to screencap a part of the UI Demo that was overlooked during the presentation.  Not only are you looking at the return of the XMB [in some form], but in the ‘Messages’ tab, the note above states:

There are no messages.
Create a text or voice message and send it to your Friends!

As you can see, Voice Messaging will be possible on the PS4.  Yes, this feature is on XBOX 360, and will obviously be on XBOX One, but mind you that this was a long-awaited feature/function from PlayStation fans as it was not possible to have on the PlayStation 3.  Also note that the PlayStation 4 Party and Cross-Platform Chat between PS4 and VITA are also possible.

Voice Messaging Evidence [Start at :15] | User Interface Presentation [OORheza] — 2’.92”

PlayStation 4 will release November 15th in US, and November 29th across Europe.

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