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Mass Effect 3 “Omega” Impressions

By Tony Polanco Wed, November 28, 2012 - 2:43:57

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC

Omega takes place on…the Omega station. Aria T’Loak, the infamous ruler of the station has lost it to Cerberus forces and wants to retake it. She can’t do it alone so she persuades Commander Shepard to help her in exchange for Aria helping Shepard out in the war against the Reapers.

The story is straight forward but entertaining. Aria was always one of the most interesting characters in the Mass Effect universe so an entire DLC where you’re partnered with her made for a fun time. The woman is cold as ice and relentless. There is a bit of character growth that happens to her by the end but not much. Aria’s drive to retake her station was pretty inspirational even if her means to do so where sometimes morally questionable. We’re also introduced to a female Turian named Nyreen Kandros. Nyreen is the first female Turian we’ve ever seen in the series and that automatically made her stand out. As a character though, Nyreen is very fascinating. She was once partners with the criminal Aria but she’s also a Turian and has a deep desire for justice. The way Nyreen is characterized in this DLC is excellent and I can see her becoming a fan favorite eventually.

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC screenshot

This DLC is easily the most action packed one yet for Mass Effect 3. It’s almost a nonstop shooting gallery with hundreds of Cerberus troops for you to kill. Cerberus troops were always the toughest enemies in ME3 so this DLC will most definitely test your combat prowess. The ending in particular is really brutal since there are so many enemies thrown at you that you can’t stay in cover even for a second. In addition to Cerberus, you also have to fight a new enemy type called “Adjutants”. Adjutants are essentially Reapers and even though they pack a hell of a punch, they’re pretty easy to dispose of.

This is yet another great and worthwhile DLC for Mass Effect 3. The story is well scripted, the characters engaging and the gameplay was action packed. It was cool to revisit Omega once again and to see some of the parts of it that were only hinted at in Mass Effect 2. Omega is another must have DLC for Mass Effect fans.

Mass Effect 3 “Omega” is available now on PC, PSN and XBL.

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