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Marvel: War Of Heroes Preview

By Tony Polanco Mon, October 15, 2012 - 6:24:50

Black Widow

At New York Comic Con I got to see a demonstration for a new mobile game called Marvel: War Of Heroes. Marketing director Fabien-Pierre Nicholas walked me through the game and told me about all of its features.

Marvel: War Of Heroes is a card battle game similar to Magic: The Gathering. The big difference is that this card game is played on a mobile device. The game has you playing as a new S.H.I.E.L.D agent who must gather a group of five heroes that will square off against other heroes and villains. I wasn’t given any specifics on the story but was told that it was written in cooperation with Marvel.

You receive five cards per deck; each having a different hero. Your deck will have a lead hero and the rest are backups. In the early stages, the more powerful lead card will be the best one to use but as you progress, having a specific lead hero will help or hurt you. After winning battles you’ll get cards and if you have two of the same card, that hero will become stronger. The more you play, the more you’ll level up your cards. The cards themselves are drawn by Marvel’s comic book artists and look incredible.

Iron Man stage 1

The interface of the game is what you would expect of a mobile game. You furiously tap the screen to attack your enemies. As the game progresses however you’ll have to be more strategic. Beating up a goon with Spider-Man is nothing but if you want to go toe-to-toe with real villains you’ll have to use your other powers to defeat them. Different gestures on the screen will let you use different abilities. You’ll also eventually be able to combine the different abilities of your heroes to create fusion attacks.

The game will be free to play but will also have micro transactions for those who don’t want to grind for levels. It will also have weekly updates that will include things like new cards and story lines.

Marvel: War Of Heroes seems to be a pretty interesting card battle game. While it would have been nice if this game had actual cards to play with, I guess this may be the future for these sorts of games. I was told that the game did very well in the beta stage so it may be an instant hit when it’s released this week.


• New Marvel Story – Experience Marvel in a whole new way as you build and grow a card deck of super heroes to obliterate your enemies.
• Original Art by Marvel Artists – The first set of cards, which includes Jean Grey and Ms. Marvel, are illustrated by noted artist Sana Takeda.
• Fan Favorite Characters – More than 100 Marvel characters appear in the game, including Thor, The Hulk and The Black Widow.
• Fast-Paced Card-Battle Action – Build a unique deck to gain strength and battle against infamous Marvel super villains.
• Fusion and Evolution – Enhance your power against stronger foes by evolving, fusing and refreshing your card deck.
• Regular Updates – Every play experience is different, with new cards and events added on a regular basis.

Iron Man stage 2





Marvel: War Of Heroes website

Mobage Games website

Mobage Games Facebook

Marvel: War Of Heroes is developed by DeNA and published by Mobage games. It will be available on Android and iOS devices.

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