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Looking Forward To: The Last Of Us

By Tony Polanco Tue, December 11, 2012 - 1:14:11

The last of us

On yesterday’s Looking Forward To, I said that today’s would be about God Of War: Ascension. However after seeing the latest trailer for The Last Of Us I had to change my mind. For whatever reason, TLOU keeps slipping from my mind. It shouldn’t though because it will probably be one of the standout games of 2013.

The main reason I’m looking forward to the game is Naughty Dog. ND is responsible for the Uncharted series and that alone gives them a lot of clout in my eyes. The post-apocalyptic setting and the “zombies” of TLOU aren’t anything new but I think that Naughty Dog will present these things in an interesting way.

Naughty Dog, like Ninja Theory, is one of the best when it comes to video game stories and acting. Judging from the gameplay and trailers shown so far, I think it’s safe to assume that The Last Of Us will be on the same level as Uncharted when it comes to cinematic presentation. ND loves to have the voice actors actually act out their parts in a studio so that the acting sounds authentic and TLOU will utilize the same process.

The other cool thing about this game is that it looks like it will take a lot to actually kill a person. We’ve seen videos where the main character struggles to choke an enemy out and that fist fights require more than button jamming to win. This is completely different from Uncharted where Nathan Drake can snap necks like a Kit Kat bar. In some situations, shooting your gun may actually end a conflict before it begins since certain enemies won’t be as willing to risk their lives to fight you. This will make combat feel more realistic and less “video game-y”.

The only aspect of the game that concenrs me is the “zombies”. Yes, they aren’t technically undead creatures but they serve the same basic function. This gen has been all about zombie-like enemies and The Last Of Us is following suit. Again, I think that Naughty Dog will make the “zombies” more interesting than other games but it’s still a little annoying to have them around.

Naughty Dog, who has already done a lot to push video games forward this gen, is looking to end this gen in grand fashion with The Last Of Us. I expect this to be another engrossing experience that will stick with gamers for years to come.

The Last Of Us will be released exclusively on the Playstation 3 on May 07, 2013.

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