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God of War: Ascension βeta Preview

By Michael Crawford Wed, December 12, 2012 - 4:58:56


When I first heard God of War was having a multiplayer I was not excited at all but given that there is a Beta coming out soon I guess I can use this as a test drive to see it Santa Monica can pull this off. Santa Monica I my eyes always made great games so I don’t have a lot of doubts when it comes to what type of quality game they can put out. And since I the internet has a lot of gameplay already out for this game it doesn’t look to bad of a game they really have some cool ideas.



The Beta will soon be out but was lucky enough to get into it early, right now it’s in closed Beta and i’m not sure if they are going to patch what it in here before the PS+ people get their grubby little hands on it, but it’s quite impressive. It’s better than what I expected but as of now I can’t say much about what I have played not that many people have this Beta quite yet so I really can’t get the experience need to have legit impressions on what I have played thus far. I know in the coming weeks more and more people with tether their way into this Beta and I will keep a look out for them until then all I can say is that it is if you have not check out my previous post about their developer diary check it out below.


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