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Gamer Chat: What Classifies A Game As A Shooter? Part II: The Revenge

By Tony Polanco Mon, November 26, 2012 - 10:00:05

The debate that will never die! This time it was Rikuson and yours truly who went at it with some words of wisdom from our friend Ice to keep things even more interesting. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Get comfy because this Gamer Chat is LONG!


[6:54:21 PM] XxICExX87: what hack and slash games came out this year?
[7:00:10 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): Darksiders 2, Warriors Orochi 3. others i can’t think off the top of my head which is why i said never mind because barely anyone plays games in the category but me
[7:00:22 PM] Tony (Romudeth):  darksiders 2 isn’t a hack n slash game lol
[7:00:27 PM] Tony (Romudeth): action adventure
[7:00:35 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it has hack and slash elements
[7:00:38 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yes
[7:00:44 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but it isn’t a hack n slash game
[7:00:50 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it has other things in it
[7:00:58 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): one of my friends didn’t like Darksiders because he felt it was not enough of anything else but hack n slash
[7:00:59 PM] Tony (Romudeth): exploration. platforming. collecting.
[7:01:10 PM] Tony (Romudeth): your friend is insane
[7:01:11 PM] XxICExX87: would you consider dynasty warriors a hack and slash?
[7:01:15 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i would
[7:01:20 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): true but people also call god of war a hack and slash
[7:01:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): most of what you do is hack n slash
[7:01:25 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): that has the same stuff
[7:01:31 PM] Tony (Romudeth): gow is not a hack n slash either
[7:01:33 PM] Brian Munjoma: The throwdown discussion has continued…..
[7:01:38 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah Brian lol
[7:01:49 PM] XxICExX87: hack and slash = melee based combat games
[7:01:51 PM] XxICExX87: ?
[7:01:54 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): your definition of a hack and slash game is different from the majority of other people
[7:02:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): gow of war is not a combat game
[7:02:09 PM] Tony (Romudeth): action adventure game
[7:02:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): combat makes up 1/3 of what you do
[7:02:27 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i know
[7:02:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i think the majority are wrong lol
[7:02:33 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): action adventure is technically a hybrid genre dude
[7:02:39 PM] Tony (Romudeth): their view is limited
[7:02:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): action adventure is its own genre that has elements of many
[7:03:21 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so if an action adventure game has hack n slash elements it doesn’t auto become a hack n slash game
[7:03:36 PM] Tony (Romudeth): (the discussion begins again)
[7:03:37 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:03:48 PM] XxICExX87: hmmm in an action adventure isn’t there hints of exploring a wide landscape not a relative narrow path
[7:04:00 PM] Tony (Romudeth): what ice?
[7:04:09 PM] Tony (Romudeth): explain that one again please
[7:04:20 PM] XxICExX87: it was a question
[7:04:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah
[7:04:23 PM] XxICExX87: isn’t
[7:04:29 PM] Tony (Romudeth): and i don’t understand the question lol
[7:04:42 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): but when you tell someone it’s an action adventure game and they see hack and slash element’s (which they may not like because they were looking for an action adventure game like uncharted) then you just confused someone who may have not even known about the game’s true basic genre
[7:04:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): I can explain it to them
[7:05:00 PM] Tony (Romudeth): simple as that
[7:05:16 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you can but then you will end up saying hack and slash one way or another
[7:05:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so?
[7:05:33 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): my point exactly
[7:05:33 PM] Tony (Romudeth): what does that have to do with anything?
[7:05:49 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): action adventure isn’t a basic genre it’s a hybrid
[7:05:52 PM] XxICExX87: I think a game like GTA or an open world setting is more of an adventure than the games we see that set you down path after path
[7:05:52 PM] Tony (Romudeth): just because a game has hack n slash doesn’t automatically make it one
[7:06:20 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): that’s like saying uncharted isn’t a shooter though
[7:06:33 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do in the game
[7:06:33 PM | Edited 7:07:25 PM] tordavis: DSII would have been 3D action category
[7:06:35 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ice that’s a good point. but open world world I see as different than action adventure. like you said, more narrow in your path. but that doesn’t really count here.
[7:06:45 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i don’t consider uncharted a shooter
[7:06:52 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): i do
[7:06:52 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s an action adventure game too
[7:07:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): combat is shooting based
[7:07:07 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but the entire game isn’t a shooter
[7:07:08 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): I playing the multiplayer I’ll tell someone it’s a shooter lol
[7:07:14 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well the MP doesn’t count
[7:07:15 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): true you have a melee
[7:07:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that’s a side thing
[7:07:19 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you have to climb
[7:07:36 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): but its basic genre is a shooter
[7:07:40 PM] XxICExX87: action adventure is kinda a wide open genre kinda like saying sports game
[7:08:05 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it is a wide open genre. i agree. it takes bits and pieces of lots of genres and becomes its own
[7:08:15 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): HYBRID
[7:08:19 PM | Edited 7:08:27 PM] XxICExX87: I go to gamestop ask for a sports game I could get a fucking skeet shooting sim!
[7:08:21 PM] Tony (Romudeth): hence why it’s my favorite genre
[7:08:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you aren’t doing the same thing over and over and over again
[7:08:35 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): and there’s no problem in that
[7:08:48 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well all sports games are the same to me…BORING
[7:08:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:09:05 PM | Edited 7:09:17 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): just because you hate coconut but like cocobut cake you don’t have to hide the fact that there’s coconut in it
[7:09:10 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but action adventure is its own genre. want me to link da wikis? lol
[7:09:17 PM] Brian Munjoma: It sounds like there are different sub-classes of action adventure
[7:09:33 PM] Tony (Romudeth): riku I’m not discounting stuff lol
[7:09:37 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that’s not what i’m doing
[7:09:46 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i’m not saying uncharted has no shooting
[7:09:48 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it does lol
[7:09:53 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but it isn’t a shooting game
[7:09:57 PM] Tony (Romudeth): there are other things you do in the game
[7:10:04 PM] Tony (Romudeth): besides shoot
[7:10:23 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): but when you say it isn’t a shooter you are taking about the 1 key element of that game
[7:10:36 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it’s a shooter with other things in it
[7:10:43 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that isn’t a key element
[7:10:50 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that is A element
[7:10:53 PM] Tony (Romudeth): not THE element
[7:11:01 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it’s IS THE element
[7:11:05 PM] Tony (Romudeth): not to me it isn’t
[7:11:10 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it has other things going on
[7:11:47 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): that’s what makes it different but it’ll still be the basic genre you can’t take the coconut out of a coconut cake
[7:11:56 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): then it’s just a cake..
[7:11:57 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but i’m not doing that lol
[7:12:05 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i acknowledge the coconut
[7:12:07 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:12:09 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but it’s a fucking cake
[7:12:10 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:12:19 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i have to see it for all of its parts not just one
[7:12:34 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): so when i say darksiders 2 is a hack and slash game and you say no it’s not you are taking away DS2’s hack and slash away from it
[7:12:48 PM] Tony (Romudeth): no i’m not lol
[7:12:53 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): yea you r
[7:12:57 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it has hack n slash elements
[7:12:59 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i admit that
[7:13:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): look at the game!
[7:13:03 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:13:25 PM] Tony (Romudeth): to deny that it DOESN’T have hack n slash is insane
[7:13:29 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): sengoku basara is a hack and slash game but it has a character that uses his fist like fist of the north star is it a beat em up now?
[7:13:47 PM] Tony (Romudeth): do you use your fists as much as you weapons?
[7:14:00 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): your fist is your weapon
[7:14:06 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): for that character
[7:14:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): can you do that for EVERY character?
[7:14:22 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): no
[7:14:51 PM] Tony (Romudeth): if you can make any character either be a brawler or a weapon guy then it isn’t really a hack n slash
[7:15:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i don’t see why this is so difficult to understand
[7:15:06 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i’ll break it down
[7:15:13 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): but it’s in the genre of hack n slash
[7:15:14 PM] Tony (Romudeth): typical action adventure game is
[7:15:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): 1/3 combat 1/3 platforming 1/3 exploration
[7:15:41 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you’re going to make me hate the phrase “action adventure”
[7:15:42 PM] Tony (Romudeth): the combat doesn’t dictate what kind of game it is
[7:15:43 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): lol
[7:15:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well get used to it
[7:15:57 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:15:59 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s a genre
[7:16:22 PM] XxICExX87: meh, what do you really explore in most games?
[7:16:24 PM] Tony (Romudeth):
[7:16:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i do
[7:16:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i look for everything
[7:16:47 PM] Tony (Romudeth): “Some examples of action-adventure games include The Legend of Zelda, God of War,[4] and Tomb Raider series.[6]”
[7:16:50 PM] XxICExX87: so what do you explore in a game like God of War?
[7:17:03 PM] Tony (Romudeth): all the hidden things off the path
[7:17:07 PM] Tony (Romudeth): gow has tons of stuff to find
[7:17:12 PM] Tony (Romudeth): little secrets and stuff
[7:17:16 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): collection..
[7:17:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): not as much as other games of course
[7:17:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but it has exploration
[7:17:23 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): dynasty warriors has collection..
[7:17:33 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ok
[7:17:34 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:17:35 PM] Tony (Romudeth): random
[7:17:40 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): so does dynasty warriors has exploration..
[7:17:58 PM] XxICExX87: i mean not too sound bad but you can explore in any game even if it has nothing to find
[7:17:59 PM] Tony (Romudeth): can you spend as much time exploring as fighting?
[7:18:10 PM] Brian Munjoma: but are the collectables hidden i.e off the beaten path?
[7:18:15 PM] Tony (Romudeth): in most games yes
[7:18:22 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i will admit gow exploration is like 20%
[7:18:44 PM] Tony (Romudeth): 40% combat, 40% platforms 20% exploration
[7:18:48 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): there are certain stages in dynasty warriors where you’re not supposed to fight and just explore (find the emperial seal without fighting anyone) dynasty warriors 4
[7:18:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but typically it’s 1/3 for each
[7:19:19 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well a hack n slash game can have a bit of that. but those games are like 80% hack n slash. that is the main mechanic
[7:20:25 PM] XxICExX87: I get what riku is saying thou, if I said Battlefield isn’t a shooter because it has driving, flying and quick time event bomb defusal…than I am looking for a reason for it not being what it is
[7:20:34 PM] Tony (Romudeth): I wish I could bring my boy Emilio in on this since he and I agree lol
[7:20:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah but don’t you spend most of your time shooting?
[7:21:04 PM] Tony (Romudeth): like 80% or more?
[7:21:10 PM] Tony (Romudeth): and for that kind of game MP DOES count
[7:21:14 PM] XxICExX87: it depends
[7:21:16 PM] Tony (Romudeth): because that’s its main draw
[7:21:27 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): honestly most of your time in God of war is hack and slash
[7:21:35 PM] Tony (Romudeth): btw i understand riku too. i just think his way of looking at things is limited
[7:21:43 PM] Tony (Romudeth): not for me
[7:21:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i spend as much time in puzzles as i do in combat
[7:22:14 PM] XxICExX87: I don’t go too non puzzle games for puzzles
[7:22:21 PM] XxICExX87: they are just there
[7:22:31 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well i do get my puzzle fix from gow lol
[7:22:34 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you must spend alot of time on the puzzle parts because those games are linear and playing on the hardest difficulty it’s not the puzzles that take long to finish it’s the hack and slash part
[7:22:34 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s part of the game
[7:22:41 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that’s part of the reason i play
[7:22:47 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i want to beat shit up and do puzzles
[7:23:09 PM] Tony (Romudeth): the hack n slash parts are like 2 mins long lol
[7:23:16 PM] Tony (Romudeth): puzzles take a bit longer actually
[7:23:30 PM] XxICExX87: but like I said in BF you can go a whole match without firing your weapon
[7:23:32 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you can do puzzles in every single dynasty warriors! battle at yi ling every single dynasty warriors game have a giant mazing the in middle of the field!
[7:23:39 PM] XxICExX87: not the single player mind you
[7:23:43 PM] Tony (Romudeth): the MP
[7:23:44 PM] Tony (Romudeth): gotcha
[7:23:48 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but in all honesty
[7:23:52 PM] Tony (Romudeth): most of your time
[7:23:56 PM] Tony (Romudeth): is spent shooting
[7:24:07 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you can’t play gow in hack n slash mode all the time
[7:24:09 PM] XxICExX87: im telling you, it depends on what you like to do
[7:24:13 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you gotta do puzzles too
[7:24:41 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ok ice i see your point. but for a game like gow you HAVE to do puzzles
[7:24:43 PM] Tony (Romudeth): no other way around it
[7:24:48 PM] Tony (Romudeth): same with combat
[7:24:50 PM] Tony (Romudeth): HAVE to do it
[7:25:03 PM] Tony (Romudeth): in bf3 you CAN not fire a shot
[7:25:06 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but you don’t have to
[7:25:28 PM] XxICExX87: true
[7:26:43 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but yeah i look at all of the parts of a game, see how much time and how much emphasis is placed on the different parts then decide what it is.
[7:26:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): this is why i have a hard time calling mass effect 3 an rpg
[7:27:07 PM] XxICExX87: are wrestling games fighting games or beat em ups?
[7:27:22 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that’s a question i’ve asked myself for years ice lol
[7:27:29 PM] XxICExX87: lol
[7:27:31 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i don’t know where to place those games
[7:27:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:27:35 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i really don’t
[7:27:45 PM] XxICExX87: i get beat em ups are mostly side scrollers
[7:27:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah
[7:27:55 PM] XxICExX87: but still all you do is beat the shit outa people
[7:27:57 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): all i’m saying is telling someone it’s an action adventure game would not be enough for certain people without also telling the game’s basic genre whether it’s shooting or hack and slash.

but if you just sticked with the game’s basic genre and told that person straight up hey “this is basically a shooter” or “this is basically a hack and slash game” because at the end of the day you don’t know what they really like and telling them what they are going to be doing the majority of the time is not going to get them to understand them what they are getting themselves into just by saying action adventure
[7:27:59 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but i guess a beat em up can be 3d too
[7:28:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s weird
[7:28:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i’ve had a hard time with figuring out where wrestling games lie
[7:28:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): could they be sports games too?
[7:28:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:28:28 PM] Tony (Romudeth): let me read what riku just said
[7:28:33 PM] XxICExX87: nah not sports
[7:28:50 PM] XxICExX87: well…when you play the fights are not fixed
[7:28:53 PM] XxICExX87: !!!
[7:29:05 PM] Tony (Romudeth): LOL
[7:29:19 PM] Tony (Romudeth): see riku i don’t agree with your “basic genre” premise
[7:29:25 PM] Tony (Romudeth): the basic genre is action adventure lol
[7:29:30 PM] Tony (Romudeth): this is how you see it
[7:29:31 PM] Tony (Romudeth): or at least
[7:29:36 PM] Tony (Romudeth): how i interpret it
[7:29:44 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you see the main genre as the combat of a game
[7:29:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): am i right?
[7:29:52 PM | Edited 7:30:06 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): your basic genre can’t be action adventure because that’s a combination of different genres!
[7:30:11 PM] Tony (Romudeth): dude if someone tells me action adventure i INSTANTLY know what they are talking about
[7:30:21 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): that’s u!
[7:30:24 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yes
[7:30:31 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): not the majority of idiots out there! lol
[7:30:45 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well screw them lol i’m not gonna change how i see things for some morons
[7:30:51 PM] Tony (Romudeth): if they’re too stupid to understand then fuck em
[7:31:10 PM] Tony (Romudeth): the action adventure game genre is well defined already
[7:31:18 PM] Tony (Romudeth): unless they are a complete video game noob
[7:31:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): they will know wtf I’m talking about
[7:31:36 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you’re smarter than your average person. people these days need things fucking simple or they are going to come back all disappointed and shit like “this isn’t what i wanted! i wanted to shoot stuff!”
[7:31:42 PM] Tony (Romudeth): action adventure games. zelda, tomb raider, gow, uncharted, ac
[7:31:54 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well again
[7:31:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): screw them
[7:32:01 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): your average gamers doesn’t know that though
[7:32:01 PM] XxICExX87: batman
[7:32:04 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i won’t dumb myself down to idiots
[7:32:15 PM] Tony (Romudeth): batman exactly
[7:32:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ice gets it
[7:32:21 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): is a beat em up
[7:32:22 PM] XxICExX87: I still need to play the batman games
[7:32:25 PM] Tony (Romudeth): no it’s not
[7:32:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:32:29 PM] Tony (Romudeth): dude!
[7:32:30 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ice
[7:32:30 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it is..
[7:32:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): go play them
[7:32:33 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so awesome
[7:32:45 PM] Tony (Romudeth): riku, a game is more than the combat
[7:32:49 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that is what you focus on
[7:32:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so that’s why you see batman as a beat em up
[7:33:02 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): i played sound shapes that’s a puzzle..
[7:33:02 PM] XxICExX87:
[7:33:03 PM] Tony (Romudeth): or uncharted as a shooter
[7:33:22 PM] Tony (Romudeth): or gow as hack n slash
[7:33:28 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that’s limited bro
[7:33:30 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): batman on the gameboy pocket was a platformer
[7:33:37 PM] Tony (Romudeth): btw ice that was badass lol
[7:33:58 PM | Edited 7:34:09 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you fluff up something just because it has extra things in it
[7:33:58 PM] XxICExX87: lol
[7:34:06 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:34:21 PM] Tony (Romudeth): dude you see it that way because you think combat is the only thing bro
[7:34:22 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it isn’t
[7:34:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): there are more to games
[7:35:30 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): i know it’s not the only thing but when you play a game (just like you keep pointing out in dw) there is on genre you’re going to be doing MORE than the others everything is not equally separated EQUALLY in any game ever
[7:35:34 PM] XxICExX87: so wait, what is a game like hitman?
[7:35:42 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): never 50% this and 50% that
[7:35:49 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): stealth
[7:35:51 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i can’t say ice. i haven’t played any of those
[7:35:56 PM] Tony (Romudeth): sorry
[7:36:04 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but it looks like a stealth game
[7:36:11 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i could be wrontg
[7:36:13 PM] Tony (Romudeth): again
[7:36:17 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): hitman is always been stealth just like MGS or Splinter cell
[7:36:18 PM] Tony (Romudeth): never played a hitman game
[7:36:29 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it’s the core genre of the game
[7:36:33 PM] XxICExX87: but what if I said ok its stealth but how do you kill people…it isn’t a shooter or a beat em up its everything
[7:36:43 PM] XxICExX87: shoot’em up?
[7:36:47 PM] Tony (Romudeth): like mgs4 right?
[7:36:52 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): MGS4 has other parts like shooting yes
[7:36:55 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah see
[7:36:58 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that game fucked me up
[7:37:01 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): but the majority of that series is stealth
[7:37:05 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i really can’t say what genre it is
[7:37:13 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s not really stealth anymore
[7:37:14 PM] XxICExX87: but in MGS4 you need to shoot bosses
[7:37:18 PM] Tony (Romudeth): cos you CAN go around shooting
[7:37:29 PM] Tony (Romudeth): well yeah but you can also not kill anyone else
[7:37:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): and only shoot the bosses
[7:37:47 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): there are modes and you know this romudeth that you’re not supposed to kill them
[7:37:51 PM] XxICExX87: but in hitman im sure you can never shoot anyone
[7:37:52 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): that’s an option
[7:37:55 PM] XxICExX87: hmmm
[7:37:56 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah i need to play hitman ice
[7:38:01 PM] XxICExX87: its a great game
[7:38:10 PM] XxICExX87: IMO
[7:38:12 PM] XxICExX87: that is
[7:38:14 PM] Tony (Romudeth): your talk on the wz kinda put in on my radar lol
[7:38:16 PM] Tony (Romudeth): real talk
[7:38:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): before i didn’t care about it
[7:38:27 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but
[7:38:30 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you kinda convinced me lol
[7:38:36 PM] Tony (Romudeth): might be my kinda game
[7:38:53 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but anyway back to what we were saying
[7:39:01 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ok so you have to shoot the bosses
[7:39:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so what?
[7:39:06 PM] Tony (Romudeth): doesn’t make it a shooting game
[7:39:16 PM] Tony (Romudeth): shooting is just a mechanic in the game
[7:39:24 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s not the ONLY or primary mechanic
[7:39:46 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ok…do you at least SEE where i’m coming from?
[7:39:56 PM] Tony (Romudeth): if you can, that is good enough for me
[7:40:00 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i’m not here to convince you
[7:40:34 PM] Tony (Romudeth): or rather
[7:40:37 PM] Tony (Romudeth): change your mind
[7:40:43 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i know that isn’t happening
[7:40:44 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:40:45 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): i see where you’re coming from but once again the MAJORITY of the game your supposed to be playing it how? what is snake? he’s not hiding in boxes for nothing!
[7:41:07 PM] XxICExX87: well snake is a killer
[7:41:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah i feel you. for mgs4 even though it has more shooting elements i’m gonna go with stealth game. you get punished more for killing than being stealthy
[7:41:27 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): and he does it in a stealthy way most of the time
[7:41:28 PM] XxICExX87: “im just an old killer”
[7:41:33 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so i’ll give you that one riku
[7:41:54 PM] Tony (Romudeth): but uncharted, gow, tomb raider, zelda…those are all action adventure games
[7:42:13 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): nathan drake stealth kills too but does he do it as much as snake? hell no there like 1 or 2 stealth parts in uncharted 2 and 3
[7:42:23 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah i agree
[7:42:26 PM] XxICExX87: I would say he kills with guns but moves in stealth
[7:42:30 PM] Tony (Romudeth): never heard me say uncharted was a stealth game lol
[7:42:38 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you don’t do enough of that to call it a stealth game
[7:42:52 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah ice good point
[7:42:54 PM | Edited 7:43:04 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): because it’s not a stealth game
[7:43:04 PM] Tony (Romudeth): because of?
[7:43:06 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah
[7:43:12 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it’s a shooter..
[7:43:16 PM] Tony (Romudeth): no
[7:43:17 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it isn’t
[7:43:22 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you shoot things..
[7:43:32 PM] Tony (Romudeth): shooting is how you kill enemies mostly. but it isn’t the biggest thing you do
[7:43:45 PM] Tony (Romudeth): puzzles and platforming take as much precedence in it
[7:43:49 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you shoot treasures too! uncharted 2 first treasure you pick up how do you get it?
[7:43:53 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): you shoot it..
[7:43:57 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ok you shoot it
[7:43:59 PM] Tony (Romudeth): again
[7:44:01 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so what?
[7:44:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:44:08 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): it’s a shooter..
[7:44:11 PM] Tony (Romudeth): not to me
[7:44:26 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): there you go again with this me stuff lol
[7:44:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i platform and puzzle solve as much as shoot in that game
[7:44:30 PM] XxICExX87: the only time snake kills anyone in stealth is when you decide to choke a person out, in any other cutscene he is doing, he’s blowing up giant metal mechs or fighting a tank or a lot of non-stealth shit
[7:44:32 PM] XxICExX87: lol
[7:44:38 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:45:00 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah in cut scenes he is not stealthy
[7:45:17 PM] XxICExX87: i mean it’s a stealth action game for a reason
[7:45:26 PM] Tony (Romudeth): riku again, i do not see the way you kill enemies as the main mechanic of a game
[7:45:27 PM] XxICExX87: funny how stealth is first thou
[7:45:36 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah
[7:45:46 PM] Tony (Romudeth): you normally get punished for going guns blazing
[7:46:05 PM] XxICExX87: until you kill everyone
[7:46:08 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): that’s in cutscene you see drake lay in a bed with chloe but you’re not doing that..
[7:46:09 PM] Tony (Romudeth): same with deus ex. it’s supposed to be an open kinda game but it’s really a stealth game
[7:46:21 PM] Tony (Romudeth): dude you don’t do that for a good chunk of the game lol
[7:46:39 PM] Tony (Romudeth): i don’t see why you think puzzles and platforming aren’t as important as the combat
[7:46:44 PM] Tony (Romudeth): they are all equal to me
[7:46:46 PM] Tony (Romudeth): hence
[7:46:54 PM] Tony (Romudeth): why it isn’t a shooting game
[7:46:55 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it’s an
[7:47:00 PM] Tony (Romudeth): ACTION ADVENTURE GAME
[7:47:01 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:47:40 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): they are not equal.. there are just not if they were the certain games like god of war wouldn’t be rated M for mature because it’s not the collection or the puzzles that’s making it rated M for mature is it?
[7:47:55 PM] XxICExX87: what is an action platformer something like N+
[7:48:08 PM] Tony (Romudeth): dude you know they give M ratings for mature shit regardless of how it gets there
[7:48:12 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that’s the MPAA for you
[7:48:40 PM] Tony (Romudeth): if a game has no killing at all but has cursing it will get an M rating
[7:48:45 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that is irrelevant to this conversation
[7:49:05 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): your saying if all god of war was him doing puzzles and collecting things it would still be rated m for mature
[7:49:14 PM] Tony (Romudeth): no it wouldn’t lol
[7:49:21 PM] Tony (Romudeth): that would be insane
[7:49:25 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): maybe if the fucking sex scenes were still in there yes lol
[7:49:39 PM] XxICExX87: with tits in it
[7:49:40 PM] Tony (Romudeth): it gets an M rating because of the combat and titties. but again, i’m not DISCOUNTING the fucking combat lol
[7:49:41 PM] XxICExX87: yes
[7:49:47 PM] XxICExX87: tits = M
[7:49:52 PM] Tony (Romudeth): yeah
[7:49:55 PM] Tony (Romudeth): good job america
[7:49:56 PM] Tony (Romudeth): lol
[7:49:58 PM] XxICExX87: lol
[7:50:02 PM] Tony (Romudeth): tits are SO offensive
[7:50:09 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): lol
[7:50:37 PM] Tony (Romudeth): so yeah…we’re never going to see eye to eye here. we understand each other and that’s good enough for me
[7:50:47 PM] Tony (Romudeth): this shit was epic
[7:50:50 PM] Michael Crawford (Rikuson1): lol

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