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Final Fantasy Versus And Kingdom Hearts 3 Exclusive To PS4 - UPDATE No Longer Exclusive

By Torrence Davis Tue, June 11, 2013 - 10:31:53


After getting an email this morning from the same source that leaked me this info over a month ago, new information on these two games has surfaced officially from Square-Enix.  Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are now multiplatform and will be launching on Xbox One and PS4.  Producer Shinji Hashimoto had this to say, “in order to reach the most fans, Square Enix has to flexible regarding which platforms their games will launch on.”  He also had this to say about FFXV, “Final Fantasy 15 is being developed with DirectX 11, which Hashimoto said made it possible to port the title to different hardware. This has made it possible for the company to launch the game on Xbox One as well.”  This all makes sense and changes the dynamic of the next gen console wars a bit.

Other Sources: [Polygon|Square-Enix]

More PS4 rumors have landed in our inbox courtesy of a source close to Sony.  Apparently, both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus will be next generation games and the word is that Sony has secured an exclusive deal with Square-Enix to keep these titles on the Playstation 4.  We weren’t given any more details about this but from what was said, Sony has the titles locked.  As with all rumors, take it with a grain of salt and patiently wait for Sony’s E3 press conference.


Tony Polanco’s thoughts:

Torrence told the staff about this leak several weeks ago but since we respect our sources, we didn’t post about it until now. Torrence gave us the skinny but with a story this enormous I had to come in here and let everyone know why this is big news.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in development hell almost since the beginning of this generation. It was announced at E3 2006 but outside of some CG cinemas and a few seconds of “gameplay” we haven’t seen or heard much about it. Fans have been eagerly anticipating it since it’s being developed by some of the same people behind the beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise. Although we know next to nothing about this game, anticipation for Final Fantasy Versus XIII has never died down. This generation is all but over so it makes complete sense that it is coming to Playstation 4. WHEN it will come out is another story all together but if it comes out exclusively for the Playstation 4 early in its life cycle then that will be a big boon for Sony.

Now as huge as the prospect of having Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the Playstation 4 is, it pales in comparison to the Kingdom Hearts part of this story. The sheer fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development is enough reasons for fans to get excited. This is arguably the most anticipated Square-Enix title after all. Yes, there have been countless spin off titles but a true sequel to the series is what fans have really been looking forward to. If it does come out exclusively to the Playstation 4, that (like Versus XIII) will give Sony an edge in the upcoming console war.

Like Torrence said, take this with a grain of salt but considering how our sources tend to be right most of the time, I’m putting my money on this happening. We were the first to report about the upcoming next gen racers and we knew about Respawn Entertainment’s exclusivity deal with EA well before Kotaku posted it. Again, this could be false but I highly doubt it.

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