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Farewell STFUandPLAY

By Tony Polanco Thu, December 05, 2013 - 11:50:00

To all of my friends, fellow staff members and fans,

I’ve been writing about video games and geek culture for three years now. At first I did it for fun but when I joined STFUandPLAY it became something serious. With this site as my platform, I was determined to make video game and geek culture journalism my career. In the early days of me being an editor here, I told our Editor-In-Chief, Torrence Davis that I am 100% committed to the cause of STFUandPLAY but if an opportunity for advancement should arrive that I wouldn’t hesitate to take it.

That time has come.

Dualshockers.com, a site that I have been a fan of for as long as I’ve been a writer, have asked me to join their ranks and I’ve decided to take them up on that offer. These guys have known me for many years, first as a fan and now as a peer. They’ve seen my work and respect what I do as a journalist. They feel that I would be an excellent addition to their team and after hanging out with the majority of them a few weeks back, I have to agree. I had a long conversation with their three senior editors: Yaris Gutierrez, Joel Tavares and Al Zamora about what their plans are for the site, how they operate on a daily basis and what I can contribute to the site. I was impressed by the way they run things and most importantly, I appreciated how they, and the rest of the Dualshockers who were there with us that night, made me feel like part of their family.

Going over to Dualshockers will advance my plans by three to five years. They are a very big site which pulls in millions of hits a week and this would be a great place for me to get myself noticed even more so than I have here at STFUandPLAY. They are on the cusp of becoming as big as an IGN or Polygon and that’s the sort of train I need to be on for my hopes and dreams to come to fruition. This isn’t a hobby for me, this is my life’s goal and this is why I’ve made the difficult choice to leave this site that has taught and given me so much.

And yes, despite how great this is for my career, making the decision to leave WAS difficult. STFUandPLAY has been my home for over a year and a half. If not for this site I wouldn’t have gotten to meet all of the cool people I now know, some of whom I love very dearly. I’ve gone to events, gotten cool swag and talked to big time game developers all because of STFUandPLAY. This site has given my life some sense of meaning and purpose and may very well have saved me. STFUandPLAY gave me a reason to live. I want everyone to understand that this was not easy for me and I will admit to going through a lot of emotions after making this decision.

I will be Senior Editor here until December 31st. Until then, it will be business as usual. Keep in mind that although I won’t be a writer for STFUandPLAY come January 1st, that I’m not leaving from your lives. To get metaphorical, I’m moving into a new building but I’ll still be in the same neighborhood. You’ll soon see my work over at Dualshockers and you can always find me on Twitter talking about whatever random stuff is in my head at the moment. Some of you guys have me as a friend on Facebook and on PSN so you’ll be able to find me there as well.

I want to thank Torrence Davis for giving me the opportunity to write for his site. Without him, I wouldn’t exist. That’s just a fact. No one would know who Tony Polanco is without Torrence giving me the platform to create my work and get my name out there. I want to thank the staff who have made my time on the site as fun and memorable as it has been. I consider everyone who is currently working here to be good friends. Last but not least, I want to thank the fans who really are the reason any of us continue to do this every day. Without the fans NONE of us would exist.

I know this may be hard for some of you to accept but I hope that everyone understands why I’m doing this. Again, thanks to everyone for their past, present and future support. I love you all.

I’ll see you on the internet!

Tony Polanco

P.S: If anyone has any questions about this, ANY questions, feel free to ask them in this comment section, the comment section of the latest Throwdown or hit me up on Twitter (@Romudeth).

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