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Buy Bioshock Infinite And Get 3 Free Games Plus $14 Cash Back

By OOG Sun, March 24, 2013 - 6:09:10

Green Man Gaming is offering another great deal for you PC owners out there. If you go and preorder Bioshock Inifinite you will also get Bioshock 1 and XCOM along with a game of your choice from this selection:

Spec Ops The Line
Bioshock 2
Civilization V
Mafia 2
The Darkness 2

This means that you are getting 3 free games with the purchase of Bioshock Infinite. Not only do you get these games but, you also have the option of getting $14 back on your credit card or a $15 credit to use at a later time on the GMG site! This basically means that you will end up paying only $46 for 4 games and it’s a hell of a deal! If any of you have not played Bioshock this is a great time to play the whole series or pick a different game and add to your PC catalog.

Just click here to pick which gaming bundle you want and in the shopping cart/basket choose if you want $14 cash back or the $15 credit for GMG.

Happy Gaming!


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