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Buy 4000 Microsoft Points For Only $40.99 (Big Savings For Canadians)

By OOG Wed, April 03, 2013 - 5:51:12

One of the biggest issues I have always had with Xbox Live was the Microsoft Point System. Being from Canada we tend to spend more for things like this even though our dollar has been near equal to the US dollar for a long time. Luckily, I found a site that can give me decent deals on MS point cards and I’m going to pass these deals on to you. Currently the website is offering 4000 MS point cards for only $40.99 US and the deal is valid from April 4th-6th. This is a good deal for Americans since they normally pay $49.99 for 4000 MS point cards and great for Canadians looking to get deals on the points since we pay $59.99 for the same point card. In Canada we pay $39.99 for 2400 MS points alone so you can almost look at this as getting an extra 1200 points for only around $2 or $3 more depending on the exchange rate.

Now for any Canadians looking to jump on this deal today, please read the description on the CrazyGameTime website to make sure what you are buying is functional on Canadian accounts. Some cards such as the 1600 point card seems to be region locked to US only accounts. Personally I have bought 4000 point cards 3 times from this website for things such as a Call of Duty season pass and ended up saving $20 compared to the $59.99 + tax price they wanted to sell the season pass to map packs for.

For anyone looking to take advantage of this deal just click here and follow the instructions.  After the purchase you will receive your points card code in an email usually within a few hours. Hopefully this will help save some of you money and for a tip, I tend to use Paypal for extra security if you happen to be worried about something like that.

Happy Gaming!

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