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Best Of PAX 2012

By Torrence Davis Fri, September 07, 2012 - 6:22:52

Best Of PAX 2012

It’s that time again folks!  After a wonderful week in Seattle I’ve composed a list of the best games of PAX 2012.  Surprisingly, this show was one of the biggest PC Gaming shows to date.  Nearly every booth that had games, had PC games.  It goes to show where this industry is headed.  I only give awards to games that are playable either by myself or by developer.  In other words, I don’t give awards based on trailers.  This also means if I didn’t see your great game, that it won’t get an award.  Suffice to say, PC won my heart over this year.  You’ll probably see some titles in here that you’ve never heard of before.  What were your best PAX games?


Best FPS Game
Planetside 2
Sony Online Entertainment

Best New IP


Best RTS Game
Novus Aeterno
Taitale Studios

Best F2P Game
Red 5 Studios

Best MMO
Perfect World

Best Accessory
Oculus Rift

Best Mobile Game
Retro City Rampage
Sony Computer Entertainment

Best Fighting Game
Warner Bros.

Best RPG
Phantasy Star Online 2

Best Gaming Tech
Nvidia Geforce 660ti

Best Graphics
Adhesive Games

Best Sound Design
Mechwarrior Online
Piranha Games

Best Console Game

Tomb Raider
Square Enix

Best PC Game
Adhesive Games

Best Of PAX
Oculus Rift

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