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Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Hands On

By Tony Polanco Thu, February 21, 2013 - 1:00:01

While at EA’s NYC event last week, I got some hands on time with Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The popular co-op series returns with new protagonists in a new setting. While some things may have changed, the core of the series remains the same.

The Devil’s Cartel takes place in Mexico where our heroes must fight against a drug cartel. The tone of this Army Of Two game is more serious than previous installments. There is still a bit of that “Dude Bro” attitude but it’s been toned down. Although the game deals with Mexican cartels, it is in no way trying to make any sort of political statements. The Devil’s Cartel may be more serious but its primary goal is to be an entertaining ride. Based off the demo I played I can tell you that the game is indeed a hell of a lot of fun.

My co-op partner and I played through a level that took place in a Mexican cemetery. I actually played with two different people as the first person had to suddenly leave. This was my first time playing an Army Of Two game but immediately I could see why the franchise is so popular. The controls felt good and it was fun playing alongside another person. The enemy waves got pretty overwhelming so we had to really work together to survive. The game was set to normal but it was very challenging.

Army Of Two The Devil's Cartel screenshots 02

One of the things that stuck out to me was how dynamic taking cover can be. In this game, most of the things you use for cover can be destroyed so you’ll need to constantly be on the move from cover to cover. The same applies to your foes too and you can destroy whatever it is they’re hiding behind.

As you continue to kill enemies, an Overkill meter fills up. Once full, you can activate Overkill and it will make your attacks even more powerful; helping you to destroy your enemies with greater ease. Also it just looks fucking cool! When Overkill is activated, the world becomes orange tinted. Your attacks deal a lot more damage so if you shoot at a piece of destructible cover, the entire thing will explode. Enemies are also sent flying off their feet when hit by one of your bullets. Like I said, there are a ton of enemies to fight so a move like Overkill is beyond useful.

This was my first real experience with the franchise but it’s made me considering trying this new game out. Although this is the third game in the series, The Devil’s Cartel will be easy for anyone who is unfamiliar with the franchise to pick up and enjoy. For long time fans there will be cameos from returning characters and certain references to past events. I was impressed by Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel and I’m sure that longtime fans of the series and cover based third person shooters will be too.

Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel will be released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on March, 26.

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