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The Throwdown #11

By Michael Crawford Wed, October 24, 2012 - 8:00:08

Download Link

STFUandPLAY gets plagiarized AGAIN (Romudeth Rantasaurus)

PS store redesign & firmware update

Trophies vs Achievements

Max Anarchy aka Anarchy Reigns releasing the first week of 2013 for $29.99

Playstation live action ad

Where’s Marcus?

Whats up with Sony PS3 ads?

God Of War: Ascension multiplayer beta this winter season for PS+

The Odyssey needs a new movie and needs to be a video game

Tomb Raider box art

Dragon Age III info

Is it weird to take pictures of booth babes?

Rebuild of Evangelion and anime discussion

The Walking Dead episode 2 SPOILERCAST

Rantasaurus 10
Playstation All-Stars live action trailer
Scary PS3 Super Slim ad (TURN YOUR VOLUME UP raspberry )
Tomb Raider box art


Sup guys, Romudeth here with a quick update.

Cory manned up and apoligized for not sourcing us. Here is his apology taken from his fan page:

I am extremely sorry for my actions. I recently wrote an article and I did not provide a link to my primary source in the article which was This is unacceptable! I was wrong and I have gone back and fixed the article to give the rightful credit they deserved in the first place. I am ashamed of myself for this mistake and I take full credit. This will not happen again! Thank you Tony Polanco for bringing it to my attention. If you haven’t been over to before, take the time to check out their website and all the amazing content they have for gamers.

I’ll leave all the links in here but there’s no real need to go after him anymore. I think he learned his lesson.


Where to find Cory Richford:

Facebook fan page

His stolen story

Hit us up on Twitter:


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