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The Throwdown #57

By Tony Polanco Fri, October 04, 2013 - 2:29:00

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Tony Polanco, Rachael Murdock, Michael Crawford, Emilio Lopez, Brian Munjoma, Brett Murdock and Chris Sealy discuss what’s happened in the world of video games, pop culture and STFUandPLAY this past week.

Happening At STFUandPLAY

• Video Warzones and Throwdowns
• Rachael livestreams Amnesia
• Bullshit Gamerchat: Tor doesn’t understand Tony
• Breaking Bad Spoilercast
• Tony’s first video review: Grand Theft Auto V

Featured Topic

• Brian’s EuroGamer Expo experience

Gaming news

• R.I.P to Tom Clancy
• What happened to the September 29th bombshell?
• Valve’s new controller
• GTAV online is a clusterfuck for some, awesome for others
• Nintendo Direct
Mighty No 9 Update: Game coming to next gen! Meets all of its stretch goals!

Listener Questions

• What do you think of video game censorship in certain regions of the world?
• Why doesn’t the media scrutinize Rockstar about The Agent the way it does Sony about The Last Guardian?

Songs heard on this episode

Intro: “There’s Always an A-Hole on the Internet” - Rob Paravonian
Outro: “Major Tom” - William Shatner

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