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The Throwdown #56

By Rachael Murdock Fri, September 27, 2013 - 12:26:00


Tony Polanco, Rachael Murdock, Michael Crawford, Emilio Lopez, Brett Murdock and Chris Sealy discuss what’s happened in the world of video games, pop culture and STFUandPLAY this past week.

Happening At STFUandPLAY

• GTAV is still eating most of our faces
Jagon leaves the Fanzone…again
Riku’s impressions of the BEYOND: Two Souls demo

Featured Topic

• Steam’s big announcements

Tokyo Game Show tidbits

PS4 delayed in Japan due to lack of Japanese games
Sony says PS4 hardware loss will be recouped with PS+ and game sales
Sony is surprised by Western interest in PS Vita TV
MGSV’s torture scene won’t be playable
MGSV will run at 60fps on next gen consoles
Deep Down will be FTP game

Gaming news

GTAV makes $1B in 3 days
GTAV Online detailed
Kojima considered getting rid of MGS’ classic alert
Killzone Shadow Fall will have 4 player co-op within its season pass
Mighty No 9 update: Extra end stage & boss added

Pop Culture News

Super Mario Bros movie gets a comic book sequel
Gotham TV series
George Clooney’s thoughts about Affleck playing Batman

Listener Questions

• In GTAV, can you revisit the area from the intro of the game?
• Will Japanese developers make more titles that are spread across all of Sony’s systems?
• Is the lack of Japanese support for both Xbox One and Wii U worrying?

Brian will be at the Eurogamer Expo this Sunday. If you’re attending the show, keep an eye out for this handsome fella.


Songs heard on this episode

Intro: ‘Mexican Radio’ by Wall Of Voodoo
Outro: ‘Drive It Like You Stole It’ by The Glitch Mob

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