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The Throwdown #45

By Rachael Murdock Fri, July 12, 2013 - 8:30:00


[Apologies for the chatroom sound effects, someone forgot to turn notifications off… ಠ_ಠ ]

Happening At STFUandPLAY

• Tony’s vacation comes to a premature end
• STFUandPLAY pays respect to Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis. Tony’s message to the fans about living their lives to the fullest
• Flashback Review thoughts
• Manny’s message to the fans about Detective Comics #22
• Getting “Kelz’d”
• Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer
• Tony’s editorial about gamer’s pack mentality
• Last Of Us day at STFUandPLAY

Gaming News

• Phil Fish puts MS on blast for not supporting Fez
• Don Mattrick leaves Microsoft, is replaced by Julie Larson-Green
• People petition MS to bring back DRM
• League Of Legends player jailed after making comments on Facebook
• Broken Age gets delayed
• Kingdom Hearts creator wants Marvel and Star Wars characters in KH3
• Nintendo yanks Smash Bros. from EVO then does a 180
• Hideo Kojima depressed by Grand Theft Auto V

Pop Culture news

• George Perez leaves corporate comics behind and goes to Boom Studios

Listener Questions

• Why is it that you guys didn’t touch on the Playstation 3 update that bricked consoles?
• Where do you think gaming would be without Microsoft?

Post show stuff

• Rachael and Brett are going to SDCC next week. Rachael explains preliminary details

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Songs heard on this episode

Intro: Guy’s theme from Street Fighter Alpha
Outro: Theme from The Lord Of The Rings OST


This episode of The Throwdown is dedicated to Ryan Davis (1979 - 2013)

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