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The Throwdown #17

By Tony Polanco Wed, December 05, 2012 - 12:40:04


This week on STFUandPLAY:

Halo 4
Mass Effect 3 Omega
Virtua Fighter 2
Fighting Vipers
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Davis Daily returns
• What happened during Warzone #180
• Game Of Thrones Season 3 production video
• PS Vita Youtube App
• Our real thoughts of The Editor’s Choice Awards

In other news:

• NPD numbers
• Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo impressions
• RUMOR: Beyond: Two Souls gets a release date
• Bioshock Infinite news: Cosplayer Anna Moleva is the official Elizabeth
• Dyad creators blasts Mass Effect. Says stories in games are “idiotic”.
• RUMOR: Darkseid to be the villain in the Justice League movie.
• The new Superman movie
• Amazing Spider-Man 2 news: Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn and Jamie Foxx is officially Electro.

Fan questions

The Walking Dead SPOILERCAST #8 (1:35:23 – 2:20:30)

Misfits (TV series)

Romudeth’s game haul

The Throwdown listeners kick ass

Rikuson1 is black, Romudeth isn’t

Elizabeth cosplay

Dyad shit

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