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The Throwdown #16

By Tony Polanco Tue, November 27, 2012 - 7:03:35


I should have said this on the damn show but we hope you guys like our new logo. My friend Emilio Lopez designed them for us. We’ll have him on in a few weeks so look forward to that. You can check out his work on Deviant Art here and follow him on twitter here.

This week on STFUandPLAY:
• Reviews: Sound Shapes and Cargo Commander
• Naruto uncut on Toonami
• GOTY awards
• Gamer chat. Rikuson1 and Romudeth end the debate once and for all

In other news:
• Resident Evil: Revelations may come to consoles
• Wii U is out. Does anyone care?

The Walking Dead SPOILERCAST #7 (42:33 - 1:04:50)

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Fan questions

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