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Mixtape Monday - Tekken

By DJKillzownJones Mon, August 13, 2012 - 9:30:08


This week on Mix-tape Monday, I bring you the sounds of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, Tekken. There are so many great tracks in Tekken. An opening theme, an ending theme, and a song (or two) for every character so there may be a part two in the works for this series.

Everyone who has played Tekken knows that each game soundtrack was classic, so I rounded up some of my favorites, some newer tracks and a secret bonus song after the regular mix-tape. Enjoy this edition of Mixtape Monday and be sure to comment on what tracks you enjoyed and what series you’d like to see next and please share.


1.Black Winter Night
2. Who’s Afraid of
3. Tekken Tag Tournament Theme
4. A Fist for a Fist
5. Street Fight X Tekken
Bonus: Secret Track

Music was sourced from The Galbadia hotel


  Mixtape Monday Tekken by STFUandPlay

Make sure you also check out our Editor-in-chief; Tor Davis’ throwback video of him competing in the 1997 E3 Tekken 3 Fighting Game Tournament, here.

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