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Mixtape Monday - Sonic Adventure

By DJKillzownJones Mon, August 06, 2012 - 9:30:26


On this Mixtape Monday I will be spinning music from Sonic Adventure. This game was my favorite title for 3 years after the Sega Dreamcast launched and I played it multiple times from start to finish. I loved the open world gameplay infused with classic Sonic levels in 3D. I also loved the story and the soundtrack of course. So after listening you may want to crack open your copy of Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube or XBLA/PSN.


1.Open Your Heart
2. It Doesn’t matter
3.Believe in myself
4.Lazy Days ~Livin’ in Paradise~
5. My Sweet Passion
6. Unknown from M.E.


  Mix-tape Monday #2 Sonic Adventure by STFUandPlay 

Music was sourced from The Galbadia hotel

Mix-tape Monday is available every monday so check back to the site then and remember to comment on this mix-tape, request for a future game to be featured in the comment section and please share.

#HMU AJ aka DJ Killzown Jones.

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