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Mixtape Monday - Metal Gear Music

By DJKillzownJones Mon, July 30, 2012 - 9:30:38


This is your Resident STFUandPlay DJ, DJ KILLZOWN JONES here and Welcome to Mixtape Monday. This Monday and Every Monday after that. We starting the series off right with a Metal Gear Melody that shows off just a few of the iconic tracks made famous by Kojima San and his crew over at Kojima Productions.

Metal Gear Music
Track list
1. Shadow Moses
2. Metal Gear Theme
3. Spy vs Gunslinger (Revolver Ocelot Theme)
4.Snake Eater Extended Version-Cynthia Harrell.
Music was sourced from The Galbadia hotel


Check back to STFUandplay every Monday because I will be bringing a New Mixtape Monday every Monday and leave your comments on the mixtape and series you would like to see featured below.

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