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Mixtape Monday - Jet Set Radio

By DJKillzownJones Mon, September 17, 2012 - 8:00:36



On this MixTape Monday, we mix it up with Toyko-To’s Resident DJ Prof K on Jet Set Radio!!! This was one of those games I played on the Sega Dreamcast but never owned. Thanks to PSN/XBLA, I am now able to own this masterpiece. The music was mixed with every type of music and game in mind and integrated into the story as Jet Set Radio is a real radio station in the game. Now you can shake, shred, tag and mix with the Sounds of DJ Prof K and yours truly, DJ KILLZOWN JONES. Please Comment below and let us know what game you want to see on Mixtape Monday next.


Track List
1.Improvise Instrumental by Jurassic 5
2.Funky Radio by BB RIGHTS
3.Everybody Jump Around by Richard Jacques
4.Sweet Soul Brother by Hideki Naganuma
5.Patrol Knob by Mix Master Mike



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