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Mixtape Monday - Star Fox

By DJKillzownJones Mon, August 27, 2012 - 7:00:29


On this Mixtape Monday we join Star Fox and his crew in their Air-wings and rock-out to the music of the series. 

Star Fox 64 was one of the highlights of the summer of 1997. I made it all the way to the final boss on the first set of lives at the end of the game and died before the last shot. The game was ahead of its time and then I found out that Star Fox was also on the SNES. Star Fox Adventures was released and I was one of the only ones who enjoyed the game which is still overlooked for not being totally in the cockpit. Star Fox Assault brought elements from throughout the series by putting you in vehicles, having you face off against all the characters, and having battles in the air, on the ground and on foot. Even better, it was made by Namco who at this time had done many crossovers with Nintendo on the Gamecube.

Enjoy the Mixtape, and in the comments give me feed back and your suggestions for future Mixtape Monday’s and please share.


Track List
1. Star Fox Theme (Star Fox Assault)
2. Star Fox Title Theme (Star Fox 64 theme)
4.Attack of the violent gods
6.Fox’s Fan Fare


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