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Fanzone 1-29-2014

By Frederick vazquez Thu, January 30, 2014 - 12:19:00

o Microsoft acquires the rights to the Gears of War IP

 Black Tusk studio is working on the IP

 Black Tusk spent first 6-9 months incubating new IPs

 Black Tusk will be focused on Gears, but new IP not dumped

 Microsoft has new IP that they haven’t announced yet on the lvl of Gears, Fable, Forza

 Source:
o Titanfall beta for Xbox One and PC to start on valentine’s day

 Custom Titanfall Xbox One

 Respawn promises little to zero update time on server side updates
 Australia will not have local dedicated servers
 Microsoft is launching Azure hosting in the region sometime in 2014

• Source:
o Halo 2: Anniv. Rumors for this year and Halo 5 for next as well as Crackdown 3

 Source:
o Microton rumors dropped on neogaf
 Link:
• Sony
o Playstation Now betas are being sent out
 PS3 only and you need to have signed up for Playstation Now Newsletter
• Source:
o Rumor: The Last of Us 2 in production for 2015 launch
 Souce (Brazilian)
o PlayStation haw news at GDC that gamers may be excited about
 Source:
o Elderscrolls Online will not require PS+
o PSN flash sale starts NOW!!!
 Source:
• Nintendo
o WTF??!!! This is fucking insane cluster fuck!

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